Suge Released, Must Do Anti-Gang Community Service

MTV News reports Suge Knight, who was jailed without bail in December for violating his parole, won his release on Tuesday from a California state prison board. Four charges were dismissed, one was upheld, and Knight has been ordered to complete 200 hours of anti-gang community service. He could have received up to a year in prison. “Based on the weight of the charge, we felt he served his time with the 62 days he was in custody,” said Bill Sessa, a spokesperson for the California Board of Prison Terms. “We were able to show that Suge didn’t knowingly violate the terms of his parole,” said Suge’s attorney, David Chesnoff. “We’re extremely pleased that he was given a fair hearing and was able to speak in opposition to the accusations that were made. He’s excited to go back to work.” Read more.

Suge Knight Continues To Help Victims Of Gang Violence reports Suge Knight continued to help victims of gang violence, this time picking up the funeral expenses for a 57-year-old woman, who was murdered in Los Angeles Feb. 5th. Her youngest son Marvin Rothchild said, “Suge Knight didn’t have to do this. He could have just looked at the news, seen this as a tragedy and turned away. Instead, he has really helped our family. I appreciate what he’s doing, and I want to meet him, shake his hand and thank him.”

Suge Knight’s Parole Hearing Postponed

The Associated Press reports California state officials postponed a parole board hearing to decide whether jailed rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight should go back to prison for allegedly associating with gang members. Members of the California Board of Prison Terms “wanted to review our decision about whether he could have legal representation at the meeting,” Bill Sessa, the panel’s liaison, said Tuesday.

Suge Knight Comes To The Aid Of Two Families

Contributed by forever-madd: reports Tha Row chief Suge Knight is assisting two families in dealing with the murder of two young children. Two year old Osvaldo Martinez was killed at a Burger King in Pomona, while seven-year-old Horace Ray Ferguson was shot in the front yard of his grandmother’s home on Monday, January 20th.

Suge Knight Ordered To Pay $25 Million

Contributed by forever-madd:

Last month, former Death Row Records artists Daz Dillinger won a default judgment against his former label and boss, Suge Knight. Daz won $25.5 million in his breach of contract suit which was filed back in 2001. Knight and his lawyers are hoping to get the decision reversed as paying the judgment would put Tha Row Records out of business.

Law Firm Files Suit Against Suge Knight

Suge Knight was hit with another multimillion-dollar fraud lawsuit, this one filed by his former legal team, accusing him of cheating the firm out of more than $600,000 in fees during the 1990s. The suit, brought by McPherson & Kalmansohn in Los Angeles County Superior Court, follows last month’s $25-million default judgment against Knight. Industry analysts say the ruling could lead to the forfeiture of Knight’s valuable Death Row Records catalog.

Suge Knight Says He’s Too Old To Be A Gangster

Suge Knight tells the Los Angeles Times the charges against him are bogus. “I ain’t no gangster,” he told The Times. “I’m too damn old. I’m a grown man trying to run a business. The guys who work for me ain’t out wearing rags and gang-banging in the streets. We got families. We got bills. Why don’t they just leave us alone?”

Suge Knight Drops By Closed 50 Cent Video Shoot reports Suge Knight dropped by 50 Cent’s video shoot for ‘In the Club’ with 13-15 Mexican gangbangers, trying to stir fear in the set, without success. 50 Cent was not having it and stood ground with G-Unit and Shadyville while camera crews were horrified. Little did Suge Knight know, the whole scene was videotaped to avoid any lies. He just came and stood there for five minutes with his Mexican crew, smoking a cigar, then left without saying a word.

Suge Knight Arrested For Parole Violations

The LA Times reports Suge Knight was taken into custody Monday for alleged parole violations that could send him back to prison for a year, authorities said. Law enforcement sources said four violations relate to Knight’s alleged association with reputed gang members who authorities say are connected with a series of retaliatory shootings this year. Knight’s lawyer, David Z. Chesnoff, said he was surprised by the arrest. “Mr Knight has done everything within his power to avoid any kind of trouble and at the same time remain active in the hip hop recording community,” Chesnoff said. “His association with people that the parole board finds objectionable is in all likelihood, if true, directly connected to the music business and nothing else.”

Raid Of Suge Not Related To Tupac Or Biggie

The New York Post reports police were investigating the June 7th gang-related death of Eric Daniel when they raided the headquarters of Suge Knight. Cops also announced that three men arrested in relation to the search would not be charged in the killing. “We’re not filing charges today because we weren’t presented a case,” said L.A. County district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison.