The Game Celebrates 34th Birthday In LA

Game and friend at Damien Wayans birthday party

The other night, Supreme Team hosted The Game’s official birthday celebration, an all black “Black Friday Affair” in Los Angeles at Friday Night Rox at Roxbury. Among those on hand for the rapper’s birthday were Wiz Khalifa, Ty $, Too Short, Joe Moses and Laura Govan. Wiz kept the bottles of Ace of Spades coming and enjoyed several spliffs, while Game opted for Dom Perignon Luminous. Game also took to the mic to thank everyone for coming out in his honor, but then kept a low profile. Ty $ went on the mic to perform his hit single, ‘Paranoid’. Check out additional pictures after the cut. (more…)

Tiffney Cambridge Wears Down Game Into Doing VH1 Reality Series

Rapper Game, seen here on the set of his 'Celebration' music video, talked about his 'Marrying The Game' reality series on VH1 and how fiance Tiffney Cambridge talked him into doing it

Game visited with 92 Q in Baltimore the other day to promote his new VH1 reality series ‘Marrying The Game’, where the rapper talked about how it compares to other reality shows and how his fiance Tiffney Cambridge talked him into being on the program.

“It’s her reality show. She was like, ‘I’m tired of teaching. I’ve been teaching for 10 plus years and I need to be out there like Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn and do my thing. Would you just take the meeting with the VH1 people?’,” Game explained. “I’m like yo, I’m not a reality show type of dude you know what I mean? Finally she wore me down. Sometimes your woman, she got ways. She bought an outfit and she twerked it a little different way than she did the last week, so she got me down there and they start talking about a million dollars or something like that. Whatever we’re shooting for, a million dollars, I’m with it. So we did it and reality set it so if the wedding was on, then it was off, and the rest of it November 19th the world is gonna be able to watch.”

As for how the show differs from T.I. and Tiny, he said, “You know what, I love T.I. and Tiny’s show. It involves family, it’s a street dude and Tiny, they good. They’re like the good hood couple that made it. LaLa have coy, she’s playing it safe and Melo he’s an NBA superstar, it’s all good. Jim and Chrissy they do their New York thing, they’re doing their thing. We’re in LA, we’re ratchet fabulous. My family, my kid’s crazy man. I’m a little crazy. The only one that’s got sense on the show probably is my grandma and wifey depending on which episode you catch, but even she gets on her character a little bit and she’s all the way Christian, but we’re dealing with infidelity and clubs and chillin and getting a little crazy man, so it’s dope. Ours play out a little bit more like a movie than a reality show.”

Watch the interview via after the cut. (more…)

Game & Director Matt Alonzo Discuss ‘Celebration’ Music Video

Game and director Matt Alonzo on the set of his 'Celebration' music video

Game is out with behind the scenes footage from his ‘Celebration’ music video, directed by Matt Alonzo. The track is from the Los Angeles rapper’s upcoming fifth studio album ‘Jesus Piece’.

Game introduced the video saying, “You all know what it is. It’s Game. Hurricane. The song is ‘Celebration’, produced by SAP and Cool & Dre, featuring the homies Lil Weezy, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. We’re gonna be out here all day just having fun. The video is a little bit reminiscent of ‘Like A G Thang’. I wanted people to come and really be having a good time. You know, eating, playing ball, having fun, a little drank, a little smoke. Kids will be out here. Good time, man.”

Matt Alonzo described his gameplan stating, “I really wanted to show what the artists life were like away from the stage and limelight and all that stuff. That’s kind of what we captured here today. Barbeque, real life stuff… It’s a nice, relaxed day. We’ve got a nice audience here. Saturday, nice audience is here, chilling, the sun’s out. It couldn’t be better.”

After the shoot rapped up on the third day, Matt said, “Crazy, crazy video. Crazy three days of shooting. I’m done, I’m tired. It’s now time to go to the editing board and start cutting stuff up.”

Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Game ‘The City’ Video

Game 'The City'

Game is out with the music video to his new single ‘The City’, featuring Kendrick Lamar, off the Los Angeles rapper’s fourth studio album ‘The R.E.D. Album’, out now on DGC / Interscope. Watch the Matt Alonzo directed video via Vevo below.

Game ‘Pot Of Gold’ Video Ft. Chris Brown

Game 'Pot Of Gold'

Game is out with the music video to his new single ‘Pot Of Gold’, featuring Chris Brown, off the Los Angeles rapper’s fourth studio album ‘The R.E.D. Album’, out Tuesday (August 23) on DGC / Interscope. The Bryan Barber-directed clip was filmed at an abandoned East Los Angeles residence. Watch it via YouTube below.

Music Peers React To M-Bone Murder On Twitter

Several artists weighed in on the death of M-Bone from Cali Swag District, who was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Inglewood on Sunday night. Among the messages on Twitter:

Ben J of New Boyz (@ImBenJBro): @SmooveDaGeneral My nigga 4life keep yo head up Dog u and the rest of the Fam, we praying. I got u 4 anything my dude. RING ME whenever

The Game (@thegame): Can I get a moment of silence for the lil homie M-Bone R.I.P. from Cali Swag District. A kid Gunned down in the streets of Los Angeles SMH
H.A.T.E.R.S. Having Anger Towards Everybody Reaching Success – R.I.P. M-Bone 1989-2011

Lil Twist (@LilTwist): R.I.P M-Bone of Cali Swag District! Got the homie and his family in my prayers!! To the whole crew keep y’all heads up! #luv

Twista (@twistaGMG): #RIP to the homie M-bone from cali swag,your family is in my prayers. you got the whole world doin a dance thats what you call a #legacy

Solange Knowles (@solangeknowles): M-Bone from Cali Swag District, a life gone too soon. Part of a creation that brought so many momentous & happy times to me & friends.

Snoop Dogg And Friends Perform In Australia

Snoop Dogg posted highlights from his show with Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, The Game, Nelly and Fat Joe in Australia on the Doggumentary Tour. Watch performances of ‘Dreams’ and House Of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’ via YouTube below.

The Game Nearly Cuts His Finger Off Smashing A Guitar

Snoop Dogg videotaped himself making a phone call to The Game, who injured himself smashing a guitar trying to be a rock star. “I damn near cut my finger off, smashed a guitar and sh**,” Game explained. Snoop then told him he had three weeks to recover for his basketball game. Listen to the conversation via YouTube below.

The Game: Don’t Call Me A Gangster Rapper (In Court)

The Game 'Put You On The Game'

The Game doesn’t want to be referred to as a gangster rapper anymore thanks to a lawsuit being directed his way and a desire to win a court case, prompting TMZ to get sarcastic about it and repeatedly call him a gangster rapper. A lawyer for the ex G-Unit artist is asking the judge to remove references to him being a gangster or gangster rapper during the trial spawned from a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly punching a man during a pickup basketball game. Game fears the description would prejudice the jury against him.

A TMZ report at MySpace has since been removed.

The Game Denies He Got Tila Tequila Pregnant, She Responds

Tila Tequila updated her Twitter followers earlier today in response to The Game’s interview with Harvey Levin of TMZ (watch below) on Friday, where the rapper denied being the father of Tila’s baby, assuming she’s telling the truth about being pregnant in the first place. The ‘Shot At Love’ reality star writes:


Game didn’t even know how 2 answer Harvey’s questions. He kept stuttering cuz GAMES A LIAR! 9 Months from now I will take the Paternity Test

Game not only lied to the world, to you guys, to me, but he also lied to his OTHER baby mama Which I Didnt know he had! So he fu**ed himself

Check out more of the rant below the cut.