The Roots Party In Tokyo

The Roots held a ‘Tipping Point’ Party on Saturday (September 11) at Duo Music Exchange in Tokyo, Japan. Check out pictures from WireImage.

A White Boy Explains His Hip-Hop Fetish

Richard Cortazar of the Yale Daily News shared his thoughts on the state of music today, and his frustration about cerebral music being unable to top the charts. “Someone, anyone, PLEASE explain to me why the Roots are not more popular,” Cortazar asks. “Okay, I’ll admit that this is one of those venerable hip-hop acts that white people cite as a testament to their open-mindedness and willingness to move behind the confines of rock or country, along with Outkast, Public Enemy, and Run-DMC. And, okay, I’ll admit that I am white, very white. Pale, in fact. My complexion has been described as ‘translucent’ or even ‘sickly,’ but it’s only due to the fact that I don’t like the sun very much, and with my Spanish blood I think I’d tan reasonably well if I actually cared enough to try. So there you go. Still, I am, inescapably, a white boy from Indiana, nonetheless. Here’s the kicker, though: I spent the first four years of my life in the middle of the ghetto in Gary. G.I., as we call it back home, used to be the murder capital of the country, per capita, so this makes me a proud son, along with Michael Jackson (who’s now whiter than me), of the most bad-ass city in the Midwest. So I believe I’m more than qualified to debate the virtues of the Roots against those of resident numbskulls G-Unit, even if I prefer the interpretive, and roundly unhip, dancing of Michael Stipe to the agile, flawless timing of Usher.” Read more.

Saturday’s San Diego Street Scene 2004

Cypress Hill, Foo Fighters, G-Love, The Roots, Wyclef Jean, and Ziggy Marley performed at the San Diego Street Scene 2004 on Saturday (August 28) in San Diego, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

The Roots Perform In Paris

The Roots performed at the Rock on Scene Festival 2004 on Saturday (August 28) at St. Cloud National Forest in Paris, France. Check out pictures from WireImage.

?uestlove: Hip Hop Is A Business

?uestlove of The Roots tells Australia’s Time Off magazine he appreciates the fact that major labels are struggling to adjust to a changed market and most underground players are unrealistic. “You gotta treat this music business like a relationship and you can’t make a one-night-stand into an act of love,” he said. “That’s what many of these people confuse it with. [They say] ‘Oh, my art, my artform, I love my artform’. Yeah, I love my artform, too, but I totally understand this is a business and I’ll get chewed and spat out if I don’t treat it as such. I can’t play naive like I did the first two times around. We got kids, we got wives, we got businesses to run, so it wouldn’t be too wise for us to just give our finger to the label and make the album we wanna make because we wanna make a statement.”

Spin Off ’04 Grand Finals

Mobb Deep, Kool Herc were on hand for the Spin Off ’04 Grand Finals hosted by Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels of Run-DMC, featuring performances by Talib Kweli and The Roots on Wednesday (August 11) at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.