The Streets Rehearsals Behind The Scenes

The Streets has posted videos from the first five days of his rehearsals on YouTube, at least the odd number days. “The final Streets album is out in five weeks, and if commitment is your thing you can pre-order right now,” the British hip hop artist said in the first video. “I’ve been sounding quite serious in the past few videos. This is because it’s going to get silly.” ‘Computers and Blues’ is out February 7th. Watch the videos below.


The Streets Backstage At T In The Park 2009

The Streets was at T in the Park 2009 in Balado, Scotland over the weekend. Mike Skinner talks about the view, making beats on his tourbus on the laptop, connecting with the Scottish crowds. Watch it via YouTub below.

The Streets ‘He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu’

The Streets’ Mike Skinner is out with a timely new song ‘He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu’. “I don’t advocate anarchy in any way, but I saw him scratch a rash and I had to grab an axe,” Skinner raps. Watch the song’s music video below.

The Streets New Album Planned For February 2010

Mike Skinner posted footage from his childhood Henry the Eighth performance at age 6, where the British rapper did his first lyrical recitation. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, Skinner says a new The Streets album won’t be coming until next year. He writes on his Twitter page (@skinnermike):

@hristos I won’t be able to put up tunes as regular in the summer because of being away at festivals so Feb album date is good

@hristos also I still only have 3-4 songs that are good enough for the album. I want it to be good

The footage at YouTube has since been removed.

The Streets ‘The Edge Of A Cliff’ Video

The Streets is out with the video to his new single ‘The Edge of a Cliff’, off the Birmingham, England rapper’s fourth album ‘Everything Is Borrowed’, out now on 679 Recordings / Vice Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

The Streets Checks In From Australian Tour

The Streets checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Tuesday (February 10), talking about his tour in Australia. The British rapper tells readers:

Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. And at such a strange time for Australia. My deepest condolences to all involved in the bush fires. It’s been quite sad watching it all unfold on the TV.

We will shortly be flying into Melbourne. When I walked onstage at Adelaide I realized I’d been there before one night on a previous tour. Or maybe on a day off on one. The same thing happened in Sydney. Not doing soundchecks gives you a bigger thrill when walking onstage. You have to work out where all the people are and how big the stage is.

The Streets Destructs The Stage At Brussels Show

The Streets’ Mike Skinner and crew were videotaped at Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, Belgium on November 20th, showing no mercy for innocent equipment at the end of British hip hop artist’s Everything is Borrowed tour. Watch the destruction below.

The Streets Probably Won’t Tour U.S. For New Album

The Streets checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Monday (January 5). The British rapper tells readers:

I seem to have written 10 songs over the holiday. It’s got something to do with the book I’m writing in. It is pink and feels nice. It makes me want to write things and rub them out again.

New desk. New sounds. New album. All good. I probably won’t make it to America this time, though, as we can’t afford it. Sorry all Stateside Streets fans. Not financially viable. Would have been nice, but we’ve had some great shows before. I guess that’s the main thing. Doesn’t stop me feeling sad but I’ve been getting paid to tour all over the world for years as a result of those over-priced CD things. It has to come to an end at some point.

The Streets On Walking Out Of Airports

The Streets checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Monday (December 15). The British hip hop artist tells readers:

Wherever you go in the world, airports are all the same temperature. a dry, air conditioned 23 degrees. Apart from on the first step off the plane. On that first step off the plane into the tunnel, as you cross from the plane’s dry air conditioning into the airport’s dry air conditioning, you walk through a curtain of outside air leaking in the joins.

That curtain of outside air is your first taste of what the place is like. When you’re landing in Sydney in January, that brief brush of natural atmosphere is very hot. When you’re landing in London like I did yesterday, it is very, very cold. Especially in shorts. It is a shock to the system. But not as shocking as if the tunnel fell off the side of the plane just as you stepped on it and you plummeted down to the tarmac. That is what passes my mind each and every time I enter a new country.