Treach Marvels At Venus Womens’ Beauty

The Las Vegas Sun reports Treach of Naughty By Nature was marveling at the women at Venus, the nightclub at The Venetian, on Thursday. “There is a lot of talent in this town,” he told his pal, club disc jockey Mark Lewis.

Black Rob, Queen Latifah & Treach At Birthday Bash

Queen Latifah, Black Rob, and Treach attended Misa Hylton Brim’s birthday party at Bilo in New York City the other night. You’d think Latifah would make sure she wasn’t photographed with a drink in her hand after getting the recent DUI, but she proudly raised her glass.

Treach At ‘Crazy As Hell’ Premiere has photos of Treach of Naughty By Nature and Director Eriq La Salle at the Urban World Film Festival Premiere of ‘Crazy As Hell’ at Lowe’s 34th Street Theater
in New York City on Thursday (August 8). Check out the pictures here.

Fat Joe Spotted With Treach At One 51

The New York Post reports Fat Joe, John Leguizamo, Lisa Lisa and Treach were spotted sharing their bottles of champagne and vodka at a Latino Film Festival party at One 51.

Treach Felt KayGee Departure Was An Unloyal Move

Cyclone of Australia’s Beat magazine caught up with Treach and Vinnie of Naughty by Nature and got their thoughts on DJ KayGee leaving them. Treach admits, “We were surprised. We didn’t know it was comin’ like that – we had a little hint, but not like that – and basically we felt it all was a total unloyal move. But he made his decision and he’s movin’ on doin’ his thing and we’re doin’ our thing. It’s like we wish it would have been a different way or more respectful way of doing it, but it wasn’t, so you gotta take things the way they come, not harp on.”

Naughty By Nature’s Treach Getting Into Porn

Naughty By Nature’s Treach talked with Black Elegance magazine’s Jawn Murray about future plans on getting into the porn business. Treach says, “I ain’t going to [act] in no hard-core porns, but I want to be behind-the-scenes getting the money from that standpoint.”