Trina In Twitter War With Sandra Rose


Trina lashed out at Sandra Rose on her Twitter account (@TRINArockstarr) this evening, apparently over a post on, where some snide remarks were made about Trina filming her ‘Red Bottoms’ music video. Sandra wondered how Trina’s people would claim she’s ballin’ since she hasn’t had a hit since the late 1970s. Trina writes:

Why you mad.. #trust if I am it would NEVER be with you #sitthefu**down @SandraRose: But isn’t @Trinarockstarr a lesbian, @lala?

@SandraRose Fu** you and your whack ass blogs!! You can start because bitch I will finish!

@SandraRose Why are you even blogging about me! I don’t give a fu** about your lame ass blog! You disgusting ass ugly fucking peasant!!!!

Sandra Tweeted (@SandraRose) in response:

Hey @Trinarockstarr, at this point @Beyonce’s folding baby bump is more relevant than you are! You’re a non muthafu**in factor trick!

@Trinarockstarr are you still chasing after married men because you’re not woman enough to keep a man of your own?

@TRINArockstarr Yet your publicist BEGGED me to feature your music video pics on my blog last week, right?

@TRINArockstarr You’re just mad because I told him you haven’t had a hit since the late 1970s. Remind me again: when was your last hit?

Trina: Chose To Be The Greatest Version Of Yourself


Trina checked in with her Twitter followers (@trinarockstarr) on Wednesday (July 7), offering them some advice. The Miami rapper, who recently released her fifth album ‘ Amazin’, writes:

You were born with greatness within you DYING to be expressed. No more limits, nomore excuses… today and from this day forward – choose to BE the greatest version of yourself. Pretty soon your world will be a living reflection of WHO you’ve chosento become!

Trina: Lil’ Kim And Nicki Minaj Should Kiss And Make Up

Trina caught up with Trina at a photo shoot in Atlanta for a story in the magazine, where she weighed in on the controversy that’s erupted between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj, confessing she thinks the thing has been blown out of proportion and that the beef should be squashed. “I just think that it is a miscommunication,” Trina explained. “I know Kim and she is a sweet person and I know Nicki too and she is also a good person. I just think that everything has been blown out of proportion and the two of them need to kiss and make up.” Watch the photo shoot footage below the cut. (more…)

Trina ‘Million Dollar Girl’ Video

Trina 'Million Dollar Girl'

Trina is out with the video to her new single ‘Million Dollar Girl’, featuring Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Keri Hilson, off the Miami, Florida rapper’s upcoming fifth album ‘Amazin’, due in stores May 4th via Slip-N-Slide. Watch it via MySpace below.

Trina And Diddy On The Set Of ‘Million Dollar Girl’

Trina and Diddy on the set of 'Million Dollar Girl'

Trina’s ‘Amazin Diary’ Webisode #1 takes viewers behind the scenes at the filming of the music video for ‘Million Dollar Girl’, featuring Diddy and Keri Hilson. Get a glimpse of the video that features a private jet in an airplane hangar below. Trina’s 5th studio album ‘Amazin’ drops May 4th.

Trina Got With Kobe Bryant While He Was Married?

Wendy Williams got news that Trina admitted to sleeping with Kobe Bryant while the Lakers star was married to Vanessa. “She’s sweet as all get-out, but this behavior right here is not becoming of a 30-something year old washed up rapper from the MIA,” Williams said on her WBLS radio show. “Please honey, it is not cute anymore. It really isn’t.”

Trina’s camp responded to the rumors, telling that her 2004 song ‘Heated’, which Trina rapped about being the first woman Kobe cheated on his wife with, was for “entertainment purposes only”.

Listen to the comments below.

Trina ‘Look Back At Me’ Video

Trina 'Look Back At Me' music video

Trina is out with the video to her new single ‘Look Back At Me’, featuring Killer Mike, from the Miami, Florida rapper’s fourth studio album ‘Still da Baddest’, out now on Slip-n-Slide Records. Watch it below.

Trina ‘I Got A Thang For You’ Video Feat. Keyshia Cole

Trina 'I Got A Thang For You' ft Keyshia Cole

Trina is out with the video to her new single ‘I Got A Thang For You’, featuring Keyshia Cole, from the Miami, Florida rapper’s fourth studio album ‘Still da Baddest’, out now on Slip-N-Slide Records / EMI / DP Entertainment. Watch it via YouTube below.

Trina ‘Single Again’ Video

Trina 'Single Again' music video

Trina is out with the video to her new single ‘Single Again’, from the Miami, Florida rapper’s upcoming fourth album ‘Still da Baddest’, out April 1st on Slip-n-Slide Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Assume Trina Miscarriage Gossip Is False

Adrian of posted a news update the other day claiming that Trina had been hospitalized on June 28th “due to internal bleeding” and discovered she had a miscarriage. The item was posted like a news story to the fan site, but it was never reported anywhere before being sent to The unnamed source uses odd quotes referring to Katrina Taylor as “the rap star” and “the 5 foot 2 raptress”, illogical descriptions for a source to describe a patient. The webmaster, after being asked by Trina’s publicist to remove the item, wrote, “However, keep in the mind the news is not false. Why would someone make something like that up?” That last reference makes it apparent’s source was not someone Adrian knew or trusted, but rather a randomly sent e-mail Adrian assumed was true.

Additionally, posters at the site have questioned the medical claims made. The gossip recalls past fabricated rumors suggesting Kelly Rowland was pregnant, Tommy Hilfiger was racist on ‘Oprah’, Bow Wow being molested by his bodyguard, or Ciara actually was a man, all later proven to be despicable fabrications.