Trina Talks To Sister 2 Sister

Calvin Terrell of Sister2Sister magazine caught up with Trina for a Q&A and asked her about getting painted for a photoshoot, why she won’t pose nude, her booty, the new album ‘Glamorous Life’, the controversial song ‘Leaving You (Big Ol’ D)’, and her outspokenness. On the latter subject, she says, “I’ve always been very outspoken because I believe in reality. I don’t believe things that I hear and I don’t like to believe in what you see printed in a magazine, on TV or on the radio. I like to know what is real and what is not real. When you live in a world and you don’t believe in reality, you are like really psyching yourself out for anything.” The excerpt at has since been removed.

Trick Daddy, Trina And Luke Campbell To Rock The Vote

Contributed Anonymously:

Miami’s own Trick Daddy, Trina and Luke Campbell are the latest to join the campaign to urge the youth to ‘Rock The Vote’. The three will be touring in support of the upcoming election on the Election 2004: The Movement Tour. The main goal is to raise awareness about issues affecting the hip-hop community and to register 40,000 new voters. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Trina Discusses ‘Leaving You’

Trina took part in a chat with visitors at and one asked about her single ‘Leaving You’, formerly known as ‘Big Ol’ D*ck’, and whether the song refers to actual rappers in the business. “Yes it’s based on rappers in the business and I don’t think there’s no problem with it, it’s actually a great song,” she said. “I think that all the rappers that I did use should be smiling that I made them sound bigger than what they actually are. I think that it’s going to do well and that everyone is going to love it. At least the females.”

Trina Single Finds Its Way To Radio reports that copies of Trina’s ‘Leaving You’, formerly known as ‘Big Ol’ D*ck’ have been leaked to radio, despite it not being approved by her label, Atlantic. “We just have to run with it at this point,” Trina said. “People want to hear it, so we are going to get it out there while there is a demand.”

Record Label Debates Release Of Trina Single

Contributed Anonymously: reports that a debate is brewing at Atlantic Records over a new Trina record, that features the rapper detailing the size of her male counterparts anatomy. On the song ‘Big Ol’ D*ck,’ the Miami bred bad girl calls out various rappers based on the size of their nether regions.

Trick Daddy & Trina Get New Trial In Contract Dispute

The Associated Press reports Trick Daddy and Trina, who were ordered to pay a concert promoter $146,500 in a breach-of-contract case, have been granted a new trial. The Kentucky Court of Appeals on Friday vacated the judgment against the pair.

Trina Robbed Of $300,000 In Jewels, Clothes And Items reports North Carolina police are seeking to find a con artist who stole more than $300,000 in cash, jewelry and clothes from rapper Trina, who was performing Friday morning at Club Dynasty in Greenville, North Carolina when the incident occurred.. An unidentified man posed as Trina’s manager and persuaded a Hilton hotel employee to give him a key to the her room.

Lawyers Seek To Block Release Of Alleged Trina ‘Sex Tape’

Lawyers for Trina issued a cease and desist order to a website that claimed to have a videotape of the rapper engaged in sex acts. “We do not know whether the photographs or video footage contained in this video are, in fact, of our client. What we do know is that our client has not authorized the release of these photographs or this video footage,” Trina’s lawyer Bernard Resnick told

Trina Says Missy Elliott Is A Fun Person caught up with Missy Elliott and fellow rapper and friend Trina, who was full of praise for the ‘Work It’ woman. “She’s a fun person,” Trina says. “She’s very witty, very shy, very laid back. That’s the personal side. The business side, she’s very strict to business. She’s very much about getting the record together, getting the right song, the right beat, the right production. Before she leaves the studio, she has to make sure that it’s right. If it’s not right, it’s not working.”

Trina ‘No Panties’ Video Featuring Tweet

Trina close-up

The video for the first single off Trina’s new album ‘The Diamond Princess’ is out now. It features Tweet in the track ‘No Panties’. Fans can check out Trina’s upcoming appearance on BET’s Rap City this Friday and look for the album to drop August 27th. Check out the video via Blastro below.