New Nas Video Recreates 2pac & Biggie Shootings

Sonicnet talked with Nas about the video for ‘Got Ur Self A …’ which will include created scenes from the shooting deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Nas said, “I love hip-hop, and they died for hip-hop. And I just wanted to represent their love for hip-hop by re-enacting the scenes the last time we saw them. … A lot of other artists were ripping them off, and I just wanted to pay homage to those brothers in a big way. I didn’t want nobody to forget about them, the originators.”

2pac Remains Relevant on the Web

Despite his not so recent death, Tupac Shakur has remained a hot search on the internet, no doubt helped by the mysterious nature of the murder. For the month of September on seach engine, searches for ‘2pac’ eclipsed 61,000 while Tupac and Tupac Shakur got around 66,000 more. Layered in the usual lyric and MP3 searches are searches for death related speculation and the infamous autopsy photo.

Outlawz New Video to Feature New 2Pac Footage talked to Outlawz member Kastro about the group’s upcoming remix of “World Wide Mob Figgaz” which will include never before seen footage of Tupac Shakur. As for hooking up with 2pac, Kastro says, “Basically we came together…I am Pac’s cousin, you know what I mean? Me and him grew up together.”

C Delores Tucker Case vs. 2pac Thrown Out

Anti-rap activist C Delores Tucker lost her bid to sue news magazines Time and Newsweek that she claimed mischaracterized her dispute with the estate of slain rapper Tupac Shakur, as the two magazine’s said Tupac’s lyrics “iced [her and her husband’s] sex life.”

Suge: More Tupac Shakur Music On the Way

Suge Knight tells he still has eight albums of 2pac material yet to unleash revealing, “With all the Tupac stuff, we got all the different sides of him. The conscious ‘Pac, the thugged out ‘Pac and the more reflective, laid back ‘Pac.”

Review Of ‘Holler If You Hear Me Searching For Tupac Shakur’

The Boston Globe’s Renee Graham reviewed the new book Michael Eric Dyson that profiles the life and accomplishments of 2pac.

Graham says, “At its best, ‘Holler If You Hear Me’ not only analyzes the conflicted workings of a young man gone too soon, but considers how Shakur’s life and spirit, in ways both good and bad, continue to challenge popular culture and inform the world he left behind.”

2pac’s Mom Files Suit Over Daz Dillinger EP Featuring 2pac

The mother of the late Tupac Shakur, Afeni Shakur,has filed a trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit against rapper Daz Dillinger and his DPG Records for the label’s planned, Makaveli & Dillinger: Don’t Go 2 Sleep. DPG was gearing up to release the EP, which is said to feature previously unreleased songs by Shakur and Dillinger, this Dec. 25.