Bow Wow Wishes He Could Have Worked With Tupac Shakur

After his appearance on ‘Total Request Live’ earlier this month, Bow Wow answered a few fan questions at, including which past or present artist he’d like to work with. “Tupac, because not only do I look up to him but I just feel that Tupac was more than music, he was a movement,” Bow Wow said. “I really respect him a lot. I’m a Tupac fan and I definitely believe in what he believed in, and he meant so much to pop culture. I would definitely want to work with Pac, not him being on my record but him writing something for me. I’d love to have that.”

Tupac Guard Tells Jury Of Vow To ‘Get Biggie’

Just days after Tupac Shakur was gunned down, a security boss for his record label vowed to get his Brooklyn-born rap rival Notorious B.I.G. in retaliation, a witness told a federal jury on Tuesday. “In a nutshell, Reggie [Wright Jr., then security chief for Death Row Records] told me: ‘We’re gonna get those motherfu**ers who downed ‘Pac. … Biggie and his crew … we’re gonna get ’em,'” Shakur’s former bodyguard Kevin Hackie said.

Tupac Shakur ‘Ghetto Gospel’ Video

Tupac Shakur 'Ghetto Gospel' cover art

The late Tupac Shakur is out with the new video to ‘Ghetto Gospel’, featuring Elton John, from ‘Loyal To The Game’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Tha Outlawz Coming Back With New Album, No Tupac Guest Spots

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With Tha Outlawz down to only a trio — Kastro, Young Noble and E.D.I. — they are preparing the release of the group’s next album titled ‘Outlawz 4 Life 2005 A.P.’. The Outlawz are back to show that they can shine on their own without help from a Tupac featured single. The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

Faith Evans: God Knows I Didn’t Have Affair With 2Pac

Faith Evans bristles at people who regard her as the source of the beef between slain rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. 2pac claimed he had an affair with Evans, which she denies. “It’s not the first time that happened to me – to get lied on,” she tells Jim Farber of The New York Daily News. “But God knows the truth. And I know the truth.”

Where Are The Rappers?

Is there anyone out there besides me that wonder’s if anyone’s getting into the rap game for the art anymore?

In a day where the biggest rims, biggest systems, biggest and colorfulest (if that’s an actual word) diamonds seem to flood the media in hip hop we can venture to say no.

Not that showing our possessions or wanting nice things is a bad thing. No, not at all. But damn remember the old school battles, where cats just wanted to rhyme about their block, school, a fly honey or a party…. Not just about who their jeweler is, or how many thousands of dollars they spent on platinum teeth.

Tupac Gets Oscar Nomination

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Among other music-related nominations is a best documentary feature mention for ‘Tupac: Resurrection.’ Directed by Lauren Lazin and produced by Karolyn Ali, the film traced the life and career of late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Tupac Shakur’s Protege Candyman 187 Out Of Control

Tupac Shakur’s youngest protege Candyman 187 of “Tha Havenotz” is completely out of control. Our beloved thug, at the age of 21 is known for his sporadic behavior, short temper, wild outbursts, and a hopeless outlook on life. It seems that Candyman has taken right after his “older brother’s” example. And now he has the whole rap nation wondering what will happen, once again, when “Keeping it real” is taken too far. Known for his Thugged out yet politically charged lyrics, Candyman is living the life he raps about. And as Michael Eric Dyson once stated “this is a good strategy when it comes to Gospel music, but when applied to ‘gangster rap’ it constitutes to devastating results”.