Tupac’s ‘Loyal To The Game’ Tops Billboard Album Chart

2Pac 'Loyal To The Game' album cover

Tupac Shakur grabs his third posthumous Billboard 200 chart-topper as ‘Loyal to the Game’ enters the Billboard album chart at No. 1. The set, which sold 330,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, becomes the late rapper’s fifth No. 1 on the tally. Last week’s No. 1, Ludacris’ ‘Red Light District’ suffered a 34% sales decline to 214,000 and plummets to No. 12 on the chart.

Fatal Is Not Biting Tupac’s Style

Contributed Anonymously:

Not in opinion, but Fatal is not biting Pac’s style. All of your favorite gangsta rappers such as the G-Unit, DTP, and other various considered gangstaz bit the formula that Fatal was once a part of. Another fact is, that in hit em up Fatal was going at Biggie and recieved no response. Biggie is New York rappers “blueprint,” there for can spank anyone he feels like in the industry. Being from Jerz to I can relate wit my homie, cuz its takes alot of ballz to be from Jerz, right next to the city and ride wit where all the original gangbangers are from in the middle of a coastal hip hop war. Fatal is in the hood, cuz I see him in the hood, just make sure your favorite rappers can still walk through theirs. LOL! And if Fatal wants to bite Pac’s style, he has the right cuz that was his homie, when 50 came on that hail mary beat wit em he repeated Pac’s whole verse. You read in between the lines.

‘Tupac: Resurrection’ DVD In Stores

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‘Tupac: Resurrection’ arrived in stores in DVD and VHS on June 15th. The film, which was released in theaters last year, did very well as did the soundtrack. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

Rap’s Deterioration From Expression To Ego

I know that by now most of us are sick of the topic of battles, but after the ‘How Far Is This Gonna Go’ article I just wanted to say something about “rap wars” in general. People all have their opinions on Ja Rule and 50 Cent obviously, as well as on all the other battling rappers of the past and present. But I just don’t understand the support given to these ridiculous things and the public reaction to it, like everyone is just sitting there waiting for the next problem to start up, so that they will have something to talk about. Obviously when you are a fan of any type of music, and any musician in general you get attached, and want to defend them or at least don’t want to see anything happen to them. But I for one think that these battles are completely destroying the rap industry.

Snoop Dogg Credits Marriage To 2Pac

Snoop Dogg

Ratethemusic.com reports Snoop Dogg credits the late Tupac Shakur for saving his marriage to wife Shantay Taylor. After hitting fame in the early ’90s, he considered breaking up with his then girlfriend Taylor, but Tupac stepped in. “That’s your son’s mother,” Snoop says Pac told him. “You love her – she’s the only one who’s gonna love you.” The couple, who now have three children, subsequently married in 1997 – almost a year after Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas.

Eminem Raps On The Grave Of Tupac Shakur

Josh Kun of the Boston Phoenix weighed in on the soundtrack to the documentary ‘Tupac: Resurrection’, and Eminem’s contribution to the album. Kun says of ‘One Day at a Time’: “Eminem’s ‘duet’ with Tupac obscures the latter’s legacy of black radicalism in favor of Em’s brand of white narcissism.” The full review at bostonphoenix.com has since been removed.

CNN’s Interview With Afeni Shakur

Miles O’Brien of CNN’s ‘Live From…’ interviewed Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who was promoting ‘Tupac: Resurrection’. Asked if the documentary was painful, Afeni said, “Actually, it’s not painful because I try and keep it all in context. First of all, a lot of people, a lot of women and men, have lost their children. I’m not the only one. But I happen to be blessed that my son gave me all these things to work with so that I get to work out my grief in a way that other people are not able to. So I can’t possibly be downtrodden about that.” Read more.

Rapper, Actor, Deity: The Life And Times Of Tupac Shakur

Charles Gray of the Phoenix New Times shared his thoughts on the Tupac Shakur documentary ‘Tupac: Resurrection’. Gray proclaims “Tupac is Jesus.” Gray explained, “As evidenced in the new feature-length documentary Tupac: Resurrection, the major events of the lives of both Jesus and Tupac are jarringly isomorphic. Start with their early years, where they both shared a miraculous time in the womb: Jesus was immaculately conceived, whereas Tupac’s mother, Afeni, carried him for five months in prison, which is also pretty immaculate. Later, both messiahs experienced midlife persecutions resulting from their unflinching moral convictions: Jesus heard it from the Jews and then more firmly from the Romans; Tupac heard it from critics of gangsta rap music, who somehow mistook rap artists for authoring the dreary social situations of the inner city. Most telling, though, is that it was the betrayal by their closest friends that sealed both Tupac and Jesus’ fate: Judas Iscariot identified his homey to the Romans, whereas many believe that Death Row Records magistrate Suge Knight had a hand in Pac’s gunning down. But Tupac is not only similar to Jesus. He is better.”

Afeni: Tupac Story Ready To Be Told

Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni Shakur is a little annoyed that others jumped the gun with their own versions of Tupac’s life story. For her, it was important to take the time to do it right with the just released documentary ‘Tupac: Resurrection’. “It is painful that people maybe don’t have enough faith that I will do the right thing by my son,” she tells TV Guide Online. “I’m just a little hurt by that. I said in ’96 that I was committed to putting my son’s music and his work out in an organized, rational way. This is seven years later, and I feel comfortable that is what we have done. We tried very hard to be honest and to have integrity about this project, because that is the way we give honor to Tupac.”

Rappers Rule This Week’s Album Chart While Pop & Rock Drool

It was a hectic week for retailers as many highly anticipated albums dropped, some of which were released ahead of schedule due to bootlegging. According to HitsDailyDouble.com, Jay-Z will take the #1 spot on the album charts with his ‘last’ album ‘The Black Album,’ which sold around 450,000 copies. Rap legend Tupac Shakur will come in a very close second as the soundtrack to the movie ‘Tupac: Resurrection’ moved near 440,000 copies in its debut week. Even closer, G-Unit barely edged Josh Groban for the #3 spot. G-Unit’s ‘Beg For Mercy’ sold 368,000 copies, and Groban’s ‘Closer’ takes #4 with 367,000 copies sold. These top 4 debuts together accounted for over 1.5 million album sales this week. Other notable debuts include Kid Rock’s ‘Kid Rock’ at #8 (190,000 copies sold) and Pink’s ‘Try This!’ at #9 (150,000 copies sold). Matchbox 20’s latest will come in at #41 moving 38,000 copies. 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey’s debut solo album ‘Soulo’ will likely be seen as a disappointment. It moved only 37,000 copies in its first week out. Next week, look for big debuts from Britney Spears, Korn, and Blink 182.