DJ Drama ‘5000 Ones’ Video

DJ Drama '5000 Ones' music video

DJ Drama is out with the video to his new single ‘5000 Ones’, featuring Nelly, T.I., Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Yung Joc, Willie the Kid, Young Jeezy and Twista. The track is featured on the Atlanta DJ’s new album ‘Gangsta Grillz’, out December 4th on Grand Hustle. Watch it via YouTube below.

Twista Offers Free ‘Money To Blow’ MP3

Twista checked in with his MySpace friends (@twista) on Saturday (November 3) with the following bulletin:

I know its been a minute since I wrote, I just been out here promoting the album and getting my group the Speedknot Mobstaz ready for next year. I got this song called ‘MONEY TO BLOW’ that I want y’all to have, tell me what ya think. I will give you the link below so you can download the song, if ya think it’s that heat we need for the streets, hit me back and let me know and also request it at ya local radio stations. luv.

The download link for ‘Money To Blow’ at has since expired.

Twista Thanks Fans For Buying ‘Adrenaline Rush 2007’

Twista sent out the following bulletin to his fans on Wednesday (September 17) regarding his just released album ‘Adrenaline Rush 2007’:

I wanna take the time out and thank everyone who picked up my album yesterday. I have been getting good reviews from the streets that this album is living up to what my original album did back in 1997. I have also seen some of the comments that some of my fans have left on other message boards about the lack of promotions and not really hearing anything on the radio from me, sometimes when people want you to fail you gotta keep ya head up and just never give up. I really appreciate my real fans for picking up 2, 3 even 4 copies of the album. And even the new fans just remain to hold ya boy down…

Twista Responds To McDonald’s Live Tour Cancellation

Twista issued the following response to the McDonald’s Live Tour cancellation:

“I am very disappointed by McDonald’s decision to cancel my participation in the McDonald’s Live Tour. Being that McDonald’s and I have worked together in the past, it was unsettling that I would be removed from the tour after undergoing the planning process and receiving assurances from McDonald’s on multiple occasions that I would appear on the tour.

The recent trend of finger-pointing, and playing the blame game with certain media outlets and certain individuals needs to stop. We live in a society that advocates free speech. You want free speech? You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then our country’s symbol has to be one of its citizens exercising their right to stand up and shout at the top of their lungs using words and telling stories that capture the reality of their day-to-day lives. Not all art is suitable for every age, just as not every movie is suitable for every age which is why it’s lawfully labeled with a “parental advisory” sticker. Ultimately, the “parental advisory” warning aides parents in their responsibility to police & guide their children, despite that it still should not discredit me or my music.

McDonald’s Drops Twista Concert Sponsorship

TMZ reports Twista was dropped from a concert sponsored by fast food mega-chain McDonald’s, because the burger and fries guys don’t approve of his “controversial lyrics.” Said a rep for the company, “Although we respect free speech and artistic expression, we do not condone or perpetuate derogatory language. Read more.

Twista Appreciates Support, Hopes For More With ‘Pimp Like Me’

Twista posted the following Myspace bulletin to fans on Wednesday (July 25): “Man I appreciate ya’ll support and feed back on my record ‘Pimp Like Me’. Lately I have been in the studio really tryin to push my single with Pharrell called ‘Give It Up’, for the most part the feed back has been good. Some of the DJ’s say the record is too fast to blend in with the rest of the records, but when the video drops, I’m sure that will change. I know without my fan base I would be nothing in this music sh**, so I try to keep droppin nothin but crack. Luv if you ain’t got the link for ‘Pimp Like Me’, here it is again:”

The link has since expired.

Power Brunch To Salute (Product)Red

Twista, T.I., Yung Joc, and Public Enemy’s Flava Flav attended the Power Brunch To Salute (Product)Red and the HollyRod Foundation held at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunday (June 24) in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Hip-Hop’s Failed Personality Test

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Every year I’m asked to do a year end top ten list for at least one website or publication (last year it was three), so I’ve taken to keeping a running count of which albums I like as the year goes on. Being that it’s the end of June I figure it’s a good time to check in and see how things are going in 2007. Half a year in I have some not so shocking news to report; there are less quality Hip-Hop albums being released than ever. Last year I had nearly 50 albums to choose from at year’s end for my “Best Of” lists, as of right now I have a total of 17 with only two coming from major labels. I’ve been bringing this up with the rappers I’ve been interviewing the past few weeks and both Bonecrusher and Twista had some very interesting things to say on the subject. For the full story, visit