Twista Attracts Rap’s Heavy Hitters caught up with Twista and asked the rapper what attracted hip hop top dogs like Jay-Z and Lil’ Kim to call on him for a guest spot. “Just listening to my music and seeing that I put my all into it and my heart into it,” he responded. “You are always gonna respect the lyricist. That’s what it’s about. Come up with some tight sh!t. I think they respect that and they know that when they call me to get on something they know it’s gonna be tight.”

Twista Returns After Six Year Absence caught up with Twista who is readying ‘Kamikaze’, an album that is set for a June 29th release. It’s been six years since Twista’s debut ‘Adrenaline Rush’. The rapper had hoped to release ‘Kamikaze’ early this year, but he says, “It kept getting pushed back. I guess Atlantic (Records) wanted me to come back with more heat or whatever, I don’t know what was going on. But we was really pushing it back so we could have the right right set up before we just put it out there. I respected them for pushing it back. Now we at the point where this the last day, it can’t get pushed back no more. We’re just going to put it out there.” The new effort is loaded with appearances by Ludacris, 8 Ball, Too Short, Freeway and Cee Lo.

Twista Expects Rocafella Affiliation Soon

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In a recent interview with, Twista revealed his negotiations to do a joint venture with his current label, Atlantic, and Dame Dash’s Rocafella Records are moving along sowly but surely. Twista also spoke about his new album “Kamikaze,” and the Hip-Hop scene in his native Chicago. Read more.

Concert To Benefit Chicago Club Tragedy

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Carl Thomas, Mike Dunn, Felony Davis, Twista, Malik Yusef, Strong, and 3 Pc are among the artists who will perform at Triumph Over Tragedy, a benefit concert for the victims of the Feb. 17 tragedy at Chicago nightclub E2 that left 21 dead. The event will be held March 26 at the city’s Isaac Hayes Restaurant, with all proceeds going to Seaway Bank’s E2 Relief Fund for the 21.

Twista Trying To Tap Into All Audiences On New Album

Damon Brown of chatted with Twista, who is set to release ‘Kamakazee,’ his first solo album in five years, on Atlantic Record in February. Asked what type of audience he wants to listen to his upcoming album, Twista said, “I’m really trying to tap into all audiences. When you first come out, you want homeboys to feel it and you’re straight with that. But now, I want guys, women, and mainstream to feel it. I want them all. I mean, I want the gangstas to say “That’s some hard street sh**,” and, at the same time, that regular white guy saying ‘Wow, that’s tight.'” Read more.