Vanilla Ice Shouts Out Tech N9ne At Gathering Of The Juggalos

Vanilla Ice gave a shout-out to Tech N9ne during annual Gathering of the Juggalos (GOTJ) festival in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. “This is the Ice Man, kicking like Jackie Chan, telling him to take a stand even though I’m contraband. I’m saying what’s up man, Tech N9ne.” Watch the message below.

Chelsea Handler Jokes About Vanilla Ice’s DIY Show

‘Chelsea Lately’ host Chelsea Handler checked out Vanilla Ice’s new handyman gig, a series on the DIY Network called ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’. “This show couldn’t have come at a better time, I thought I was going to have to use my old contractor, MC Hammer,” Chelsea joked. “Unlike MC Bankrupt, Vanilla Ice didn’t blow all his cash on an entourage because nobody wanted to hang around with a white rapper.” The comedy clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Vanilla Ice Takes A Hookah Pipe Hit

He hasn’t had a mainstream album in 18 years, but on Tuesday in Hollywood, Vanilla Ice showed off his biggest hit yet. Watch the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ rapper taking a hit on a hookah pipe and talking with a TMZ videographer via MySpace below.

Where Would Hip Hop Be Without Ice?

I’m tired of people not giving Vanilla Ice the proper respect he deserves after everything he has done for hip hop with classic recordings such as ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘Go Ninja Go Ninja Go’. Vanilla Ice has created a legacy that will live on forever. Eminem is just ripping off Vanilla Ice’s style and I think it is sad. Vanilla Ice made a movie then Em made a movie. Before you people diss Ice, just take a minue to think about everything Vanilla Ice has done for hip hop. I can’t wait to see Vanilla Ice inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Peace, and remember word to your mother.

Vanilla Ice Wants To Fight Eminem

Chart magazine’s Nardwuar caught up with Vanilla Ice and asked him whether he’d like to follow-up his celebrity boxing match with Todd Bridges by boxing his caucasian rap contemporary Eminem. “Uh, I wish I could,” he admitted. “I have been trying’ to! I will, I wanted to fight him. I mean that would be huge ratings wouldn’t it? It would be awesome, man. I’d just do it for the hell of it, ’cause I’m crazy like that.”

Better Compared To Eminem Than Vanilla Ice spoke with British rapper The Streets, aka Mike Skinner who yet again addressed his comparison to Eminem. “Well, it’s great that they’re comparing me to him, and not Vanilla Ice,” laughs Skinner. He does admit that when he first started making rap records, before he found his own (decidedly British) voice, he attempted to imitate his American hip-hop heroes. “I think if you’re really passionate about hip-hop, then that is the starting point, y’know? You try and emulate what you’re into, and that’s your goal. But then you get older, and you realize that you have to be yourself. I don’t think I’m capable of being someone else, actually. I think all I’m capable of doing is being myself.”