Mz Bratt Visits 1Xtra With Wiley

Mz Bratt dropped some new music on Tim Westwood’s 1Xtra show in London the other night with guest Wiley in the building. The female rapper talked about progress on a new album, romance and what it’s like being a woman in the game, while Wiley talked about touring, his album getting pushed back and returning to Twitter and Ustream. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Westwood And Wiley Respond To Angry Chipmunk

Tim Westwood had Wiley in the studio on his 1Xtra show in London to talk about Chipmunk taking issue with the both of them for Wiley’s prior appearance on Tim’s show. “You know what it is Tim, what we’ve done is, we’ve made a star, and he’s turned back and thrown custard tar at us, but don’t worry, because we’re happy,” Wiley said about the young rapper. “We’re happy, we’re still happy for him and we still wish him all the best, but maybe we got to him.” Watch the remarks via YouTube below.

Wiley Freestyles, Talks Chipmunk & Donaeo

Wiley dropped a short freestyle during a visit with Tim Westwood on his 1Xtra show. The British rapper also weighed in on some other UK artists, offering some critical thoughts about Chipmunk and wondered why Donaeo doesn’t like him. “This tune was on Donaeo’s old album, and his old album didn’t do what it was meant to do,” Wiley explained. “Anyhow, I bought his old album, so I was listening to his album for ages, and that song stood out. Remember this is a year and a half later after his album failed.” He said when a DJ played the song before Wiley could play it for him, Donaeo called him upset wondering what he had done to his tune, but Wiley said he rescued his song. Watch the freestyle and interview via YouTube below.

Wiley ‘Cash In My Pocket’ Video Contest

Wiley is out with a contest for his new single ‘Cash In My Pocket’, featuring Mark Ronson & Daniel Merriweather, off the UK rapper’s ‘See Clear Now’ album. Post a music video as shown in the example below and you could win ¬£1000 Christmas cash. Closing date is December 8th, and is probably only for UK residents.

Wiley Confirms To Westwood That He Wasn’t Murdered

Wiley was on the phone with Tim Westwood’s show on 1Xtra in London on Sunday night to address reports on his murder – which were obviously untrue. “What is wrong with people, Tim?” Wiley asked after explaining the fake BBC News spoof report. “What would I be doing in an alleyway in Hackney, Tim?” Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

Westwood Touts Wiley’s ‘Summertime’ Single

Tim Westwood posted a clip touting Wiley’s new albeit seasonally ill-timed single ‘Summertime’ with a weather report on his YouTube channel. “We all know there’s been a major lack of sunshine this summer,” the Radio 1 DJ said regarding UK weather. “But in October, there’s a warm front coming across the UK, starting in Bow E3 moving up to North Weezy, we’re gonna see the return of the British summertime a little late this year.” Watch the clip below.

Wiley ‘Summertime’ Video

Wiley is out with the video to his new single ‘Summertime’, off the British grime artist’s upcoming album ‘I See Clear’, to be released on Eskibeat Recordings. Watch it via YouTube below.

MySpace’s The Hook Up Featuring Wiley

Wiley grime

Twin B of MySpace’s The Hook Up caught up with UK grime artist Wiley, where he talked about his desire to be “King of Radio 1”, feeling like he’s wasted years due to stubborness and having now learned to understand the music industry better now, why he’s not in the ‘Wearing My Rolex’ video, wanting to work with Laura Marling, what “commercial grime” means, and who’s next in the grime scene – himself, Skepta, Jme and Chipmunk. Watch the interview via MySpace below.

Wot Do You Call It? Garage

Future Shorts has a new documentary looking into the world of MCs and the underground garage music scene in London, England. The clip features and focuses on Wiley, with comments from Kano and lesser known artists Breeze, Pitbull T, Discarda, Terror Danjah, Ghetto and Stormin’, Jammer, and Crazy Titch. Watch the feature, directed by Adam Smith, below.