Wyclef Puts His Money Behind ‘Shottas’

Ashante Infantry of the Toronto Star spoke with Wyclef Jean on his role in producing the Caribbean gangster thriller ‘Shottas’ along with first-time director and pal Cess Silvera, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival Monday night. Wyclef helped finance the $3.2 million film and explained, “As a young entrepreneur, I support everything that’s positive. When he sent me the ‘Shottas’ script I fell in love with it because it’s a movie about karma: What you do comes back to you in a thousand, so you should watch who you cross.”

Wyclef Comments On Working With Tom Jones

Cyclone of Australia’s Beat Magazine spoke with Wyclef Jean on his latest album ‘Masquerade’, which includes a collaboration with Tom Jones on the ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ cover. Is Tom Jones a hip-hop head? “Yeah, he likes hip-hop a lot!,” ‘Clef responds. As for Jones’ completely different musical style, Jean commented, “I don’t think his musical background is so different to mine. I think just because I don’t do Tom Jones music, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t listen to him, or Frank Sinatra, and all that. I just think we’re from two different genres, but musicians are always musicians and they’re always cool with each other, you know?”

Wyclef Jean Not Into Sex Or Romance, But Cooking

The Mirror quotes Wyclef Jean admitting, “I’m not into sex or romance. What I want to know when I meet a lady is, can she cook? I am guilty of going home with a girl I’m not really that interested in just so I can have a good dinner.”

Wyclef Jean Speaks Out Against Bootleggers

Hip Online chatted with Wyclef Jean recently and asked him about his thoughts on bootleggers. “Yeah. I think that its hurting the artists,” he said. “Selling records is how we make a living. The people who are doing the bootleg don’t worry about no one but themselves. It really brings our income down and then we are forced to find different things to make money. What a fan has to understand is that we’re six months or more in a studio trying to come up with material for them and its only right that they pick up a right copy.”

Wyclef Jean Makes Fugees Plea To Lauryn Hill

Wyclef Jean was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday to talk about his arrest, what’s up with the Fugees, and perform ‘Two Wrongs’ featuring Claudette from City High. Wyclef made a plea to Lauryn Hill on the program to get back in the studio and do another Fugees album. For a transcript to the chat, read on.

Free To Be Signed by Wyclef

Contributed by Yahel:

Today Wyclef Jean and Claudette Ortiz (of City High) visited 106 & Park. While standing on stage before performed a remix of ‘Gone Till November’, he screamed out that Free was going to be signed by him tomorrow. She bugged out and shut him up before he could finish his sentence. She was like you cannot tell them yet.

Lil’ Kim & Wyclef On Last Call

Lil’ Kim and Wyclef Jean will be on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday (early Thursday morning). Check your local listings.

Wyclef Explains School Rally Arrest

Access Hollywood spoke with Wyclef Jean about his arrest last week at the New York rally against school budget cuts. Jean said despite media reports that said he was arrested for trying to perform without a permit, he insisted he was nowhere near the stage. “I was right behind the barricades,” he said. “I came around the barricade. An officer with a suit on came. He was like, ‘We’re taking no more entertainers.”

Wyclef Jean Arrested At New York Education Protest

Wyclef Jean was one of 10 people arrested for disorderly conduct during a protest rally against proposed education budget cuts in New York on Tuesday (June 4), according to a spokesperson for the New York Police Department.

Suge Knight & Posse Clear The Room

The New York Post reports Tha Row’s Suge Knight and his posse had Sony Music suits scrambling for the exits when they walked into the album release party for Wyclef Jean’s ‘Masquerade’ at Rumi in South Beach. Apparently Suge was giving ‘gangsta’ glances at the execs, though he didn’t do anything to intimidate celebrity guests guests Lenny Kravitz, Craig David and Blu Cantrell.