‘Man vs. Machine’ Personifies Xzibit’s Struggle

MTV News spoke with Xzibit on his upcoming album ‘Man vs. Machine’, as well as his side project the Golden State Project, whose new album ‘The Coast Is Clear’ is set to be released in February on his own label. Xzibit commented, “I think I’ve overcome a lot, and I feel like ‘Man vs. Machine’ was a fitting title to personify that struggle. [It’s] me staying true to the basic fact that I love the music first and I love the fans and I get my success when I’m out in front of the crowd. [Whether] there’s 30,000 of y’all or five of y’all, I don’t care. I got the mic and I’m rippin’, and y’all are goin’ off and screaming right back at me. That’s real.” Read more.

Xzibit Tricks Out Chevy Impala

Popbitch.com reports Xzibit has just bought a 38-year-old Chevy Impala. It’s been fitted with a fully chromed 330 Chevy engine, a stitched leather interior and chrome-plated hydraulics. Xzibit also reinforced the frame of the Impala and had his name engraved on the 13-inch rims.

Eminem And Xzibit Diss Tracks Target JD

RapBasement.com has the pair of freestyle Jermaine Dupri diss tracks DJ Kay Slay put out on his new mix tape. Included in the diss tracks are Eminem, Xzibit, and another exclusive introduced by Eminem for his Shady Records star Obie Trice. Slim’s version makes mention of not only JD, but Erick Sermon’s jumping out of the window, while Xzibit refers to JD as “Tattoo aka The Leprechaun” and adds, “Why you always gotta sound like the next mans sh**?
Went from Big to Puff to Snoop to Jay.
Hey Jermaine, who’s di** you gonna ride today?” Then on the Obie Trice track, Slim introduces it saying he wasn’t able to freestyle because he’s in jail right now.

Anger Management Tour Dates Announced

Dates for the upcoming Eminem headlining Anger Management tour have been announced. The tour will kick off in Buffalo on July 18th before criss-crossing the U.S. and Canada and ending in the headliner’s stomping grounds of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Others on the bill include Papa Roach, The X-ecutioners, Xzibit, D12, Obie Trice and Bionic Jive. Read on for a full list of tour stops.

Xzibit Talks ‘Man Vs. Machine’

Launch.com caught up with Xzibit at the ESPN Action Sports & Music Awards where he gave details on his new album ‘Man Vs. Machine’, which still doesn’t have a release date set. Xzibit said, “Executive produced by Dr. Dre. Has all my family members on it. And we gone do it again.”

Eminem To Headline Anger Management Tour

Eminem, Papa Roach and Xzibit will be joined by Ludacris and the X-ecutioners on this summer’s Anger Management Tour, according to a spokesperson for headliner Eminem. While dates have not been finalized, Eminem’s label, Interscope, said the tour will begin on July 24.

Lil’ Kim And Xzibit Hit ESPN Awards Show

WireImage.com has photos of Xzibit, Lil’ Kim, and other stars at the ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards at the The Universal Amphitheater in Universal City, California on Satuday. Check out photos from the arrival here and from the show here.

More On Rapper Weakest Link Taping

Last week Da Brat, Xzibit, Jermaine Dupri, the Rev. Run, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Nate Dogg, Young MC and DJ Quik taped an episode of NBC’s ‘Weakest Link’ scheduled to air April 28. Right On Magazine reports host Anne Robinson’s rep says rousting Xzibit brought the biggest smile to her face that that she had a great time with all the rappers.

Xzibit Doesn’t Draw Much Search Interest In December

For someone bling-blingin as much as Xzibit, his level of search interest may want him to rethink thoughts of longevity. The rapper only received 7,720 searches during December, which is about 1/3 of the interest in Sisqo the same month. The ‘Get Your Walk On’ video was his most searched for piece of music, while Xibit was the most popular misspelling for the rapper.