Xzibit Tells Aussies Despite Rove Race Controversy, He’ll Be Back

Xzibit checked in with fans on his blog at Myspace on Friday (June 29) after performing at the Metro in Melbourne. “WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT THE SHOW TONIGHT!!!!!!! It’s easy to say the crowd was hype, but it was better than that,” the rapper said. “You see the whole crowd was all in tonight and it felt good to see what Australia was all about. All HIP HOP no BULLSH**. The media got nothing today the flames didnt get air at all. I’m here for my fans and that’s how it went down. I am so glad the fans are having such a good time at the shows, I want to thank all the people who took time to make this tour work as smoothly as it has. As I got out to Japan I wanna make it clear that I will be back for all my thousands of fans who came to the shows and the in stores. I regret the negative attention brought to my tour in Australia, it is a small thing compared to the big picture, I had a great time on this tour and can’t wait to get to Japan… Earth Live is going to be amazing. Stay focused and breath deeply. XZIBIT”

Xzibit Urges Online Peace With Rove

Xzibit posted the following message on his blog at Myspace on Wednesday (June 27) in reference to fans writing negative messages at Rove McManus web sites: “STOP! This sh** has been blown WAY outta sorts. Just because these fu**in di**heads are banging on the internet on my Myspace page does not make it cool to go on his web sites and do the same thing. If you read what they are writing it seems to explain itself people. THESE PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN A BUBBLE, this is the last thing I’m going to say about it, alot of people have no facts from either Rove or myself so all this hear say has fueled 19 some articles in major media outlets. Not only has this brought alot of ugly sh** out of alot of otherwise ‘normal’ people but it has left me thinking about the media spin on everything that has to deal with this whole issue. I CAN CARE LESS ABOUT THIS WHOLE DAMN THING!! AND To these folks I guess I’m irrelevant, but to the rest of the world this guys WHOLE SHOW is irrelevant, nobody needs to trip out anymore. AS far as me ‘getting out of your country’ for all those who are screaming it on my blogs. FU** OFF I’m not here for you! And as long as my fans book me to come here im rollin thru. Thanks for running traffic thru my site too. LEAVE ROVE’s SITE ALONE, OR YOU ARE AS LAME AS THE PEOPLE SENDING HATE THRU MINE. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. THE WORLD IS GETTING SMALLER. XZ SEE YOU AT THE MELBOURNE SHOW, THANK YOU !!!”

Buble Defends Rove McManus Over Xzibit Racism Charge

Canadian singer Michael Buble has defended his friend Rove McManus after Xzibit slammed the ‘Rove Live’ show as racist. “You know what? This is TV and I totally understand (Xzibit’s) decision,” Buble said in reference to the proposed 42 second segment. “There’s nothing wrong with him deciding that wasn’t the light he wanted to be shown in – he’s a great rapper. But Rove is not a racist. I think it’s unfortunate that it has been misconstrued. It’ll blow over and I hope Xzibit is cool with it and Rove is cool with it because I’m totally cool with it.” Read more.

Xzibit Thanks Fans After Perth Gig

Xzibit posted the following blog to fans on his Myspace page on Tuesday (June 26): “Man after a whole day of relaxing watching TV, I got ready for the show, I went in the back of the spot only to walk into a wall of bass that was shaking the whole backstage area, and the crowd let a loud cheer out that matched the bass in all its glory. I love hip hop music. I love everything about it, it brings everyone together. I am here to do what I did tonight in a sold out show in PERTH. I thank each and everyone who came out to show love and support to the X man. Perth showed alota love tonight, that’s why we did the damn thing and gave it right back… stay focused and breath deeply. X~2~Z”

Xzibit Reacts To Reaction Of His ‘Rove Live’ Racism Charge

Xzibit has removed his post about ‘Rove Live’ being racist on his Myspace page and posted the following message to fans on Tuesday (June 26): “The fact that this Rove thing is actually NEWS is pretty lame. I wrote a blog on my Myspace page while everyone else seems to want to run to the newspapers and other media outlets to protect themselves. Listen I was there to do what I was asked to do I was never introduced to Rove himself, so me saying he’s racist may have been taken like a direct insult, but that is the name of his show, so I had nothing else to refer to but ROVE when describing where I was. A lot of people coming on to my site to express themselves about that night some good some off the mark. It’s just all traffic to me. Maybe Rove isnt a racist, just ignorant to what his staff is doing in his behalf. IF you have a problem with what I say in my blogs… Stay off my site people. XZIBIT. PS see you tonight in Perth!!!!!”

Xzibit Walks Out Of ‘Rove Live’ Appearance Over Racism Claim

Xzibit posted the following message to fans on his blog at Myspace on Sunday (June 24) in regards to not appearing on the Australian talk show ‘Rove Live’: “Tonight the sh** was wack going to the TV station. The gopher of the show came to me with some idea of a ‘rap off’ with a lounge singer named Micheal [Buble]. But they wanted me to use ‘FAMILY VALUES’ as the track to rhyme over. BULLSH** from the jump! I tried to meet them halfway by letting them know my songs are not to be butchered and I didn’t feel like that was a good representation for the music I love and create. ‘Let’s do something else’. Long story short, we get it all worked out and then the gopher comes back and says,’We only have 42 seconds for the entire thing, our demographics on our show wont allow 1 minute of rapping…’ Then she says some sh**. ‘You know we came a long way just having you on the program..’ I got up and thanked her for the time and wonderful hospitality and went out the front door hopped in my sh** and rolled out. Keep it G people. FU** THAT DUMB SH**. I got real work to do. Peace.”

Gumball Rally Start

Xzibit was on hand for the start of the Gumball Rally held at Waterloo Place in London, England on April 29th. Check out pictures from WireImage.