Young Envy Recovering After Car Accident In Atlanta

Young Envy checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@envyatlanta) on Friday (October 17) following an automobile accident in Atlanta, Georgia the other night. The rapper writes:

Shid I was ridin down the street headed to my show @ Forbes Arena finna make a stack… Ridin threw a {green} light and sum dude come turn in font of me makin a illegal left turn + he ran a red light, pullz right in front of me causing me to hit the breaks goin 50 miles per hr smashing into his car, thanx to the air bags a nigga didnt die.. Man dat sh** wuz crazy, my arm messed up etc, um good doe, to all my fanz out there, I want yall to know I love yall and erthang good, uma be in a chiropractor for a few weekz tryna get right, uma be releasing new songz so we still a 100 on da muzik tip. Holla @ me, um out

‘Deal Or No Deal’ Mixtape Commercial

Cash Camp, Lil Spreezy, Tha Joker, Young Envy, Grafiti Boyz, Dem Get-A-Way Boyz, Soncerea, and many other artists have teamed up with on the ‘Deal Or No Deal’ mixtape and DVD coming out Tuesday (January 1). A video clip featuring the artists pitching the project has been posted online. Watch it via YouTube below.