Yung Berg ‘So Amazing’ Video

Yung Berg is out with the music video to his new single ‘So Amazing’, off the Chicago rapper’s new mixtape ‘Mr Ward’. The clip stars Natalie Nunn of ‘The Bad Girls Club’. Watch the Alex Nazari directed video via YouTube below.

Yung Berg Plans May Release For Second Album ‘The Love Project’

Jeremy Greene and Yung Berg
Jeremy Greene and Yung Berg checked in with a YouTube video, talking about each other’s albums, with Berg hyping his new album ‘The Love Project’, which will be in stores in May. “Don’t get it confused, there’s no like ‘I’m no love with you’, it’s about being in love with the game, man,” Berg clarified. Watch the clip below.

Yung Berg Talks About Snatched Chain & Dark Butts Controversy

Yung Berg talked exclusivley to RealTalkNY abouthis thought on the chain snatching incident and comments on the negative reaction following a recent radio interview where the rapper said, “I’m kinda racist… I don’t like dark butts… You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts – that’s what I call dark skinned women… I [don’t date women] darker than me.”

“You would be a fool to try and think – I just turned 23 last week – you’d be a fool to think I ain’t never dipped in no dark pool,” Berg said. “It is what it is. A lot of people took it out of context. But all the ladies know it’s been months after that. I’ve been to every state. I’ve been to every city, and they’ve made ‘Tha Business’ #1 right now, so they know what it is. When I see em, I bring em on stage and show them love. There’s no hate, and I’m sorry if I offended you, but I still love you.” Watch the comments below.

On TV: Yung Berg, LL Cool J, Gym Class Heroes

Rap acts on television this week include:

Yung Berg, who visits ‘106 & Park’ (BET) on Tuesday and ‘Total Request Live’ (MTV) on Thursday.

LL Cool J, who visits ‘Tavis Smiley’ (PBS) on Tuesday.

Gym Class Heroes, who visit ‘Steven’s Untitled Rock Show’ (Fuse) on Wednesday.

On TV: Yung Berg, G-Unit, Three 6 Mafia, Busta Rhymes

Rap acts on television this week include:

Yung Berg, who visits ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday.

G-Unit, who visit ‘TRL’ on Monday.

Three 6 Mafia, who perform on ‘TRL’ on Tuesday.

Busta Rhymes, who visits ‘TRL’ on Tuesday.

Yung Berg ‘The Business’ Video Featuring Casha

Yung Berg is out with the video to his new single ‘The Business’, featuring Casha, the third release from the Chicago, Illinois rapper’s debut album ‘Look What You Made Me’, out now on Sony BMG. Watch it via MyPlay below.

Yung Berg ‘Do That There’ Video

Yung Berg is out with the video to his new single ‘Do That There’, featuring Dude N’ Nem, from the Chicago rapper’s full-length debut album ‘Look What You Made Me’, out later this year on Epic Records and Koch Records. Watch it via MyPlay below.

Yung Berg Video Message Before Heading To The Studio

Yung Berg checked in with fans at his Kyte channel from Los Angeles, with the rapper checking out his MySpace page while on the phone with Billy. Berg said, “I’m gonna go to the studio, probably fu** with a couple sexy ladies. You know how I do.” He then pitched his full length album, which is out March 11th on Yung Boss/Epic Records. Watch it below the fold.

Yung Berg On How He Stays Grounded

Yung Berg spoke with Artisan News Service about what he does to stay grounded at such a young age. “I try to stay always making music, but what I do to relax is to stay around family because I’m on the road a lot so I just get around my family and stay grounded, watch a couple movies and I’m good,” the 21-year-old stated. Of course the Chicago rapper probably would have been best advised to watch movies in Miami last month while shooting Ray J’s new video ‘Sexy Can I’, where he was busted for smoking marijuana. Watch the clip at YouTube.

Izzy Battle ‘Talkin Bout’ Video

Izzy Battle is out with the video to his new single ‘Talkin Bout’, featuring Jazzy Pha, Yung Berg, the Wild N’ Out girls and Nick Cannon, from the Maryland rapper’s debut album, out next year on Cannon’s Can I Ball Records. Watch it below.