Talib Kweli: Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug. Wow.

Talib Kweli: Cocaine is a helluva drug. Wow.

’s update to his Twitter followers (@RealTalibKweli) had a lot of people wondering what’s he trying to say… or did a wiseguy get a hold of his BlackBerry. Among the responses to the “Cocaine is a helluva drug. Wow.” remark:

PebblesDaBoss @RealTalibKweli hope your not on that crap. Strictly Weedly.

KingOrigin @RealTalibKweli yes it is! Please stay off it.

iyaDedE @RealTalibKweli Somebody is partying hard!

Update: Talib clarifies his Tweet:

To everyone who thought my last tweet meant I am trying coke please stop what u are doing and purchase Chappelle Show Season 2 DVD

But thanks for the concern lol

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