Talib Kweli ‘The Colbert Report’ Performance & Interview

appeared on ‘The Colbert Report’ on Wednesday (June 22), performing ‘Cold Rain’, the first single from the Brooklyn rapper’s fourth solo album ‘Gutter Rainbows’. Talib also performed ‘Get By’, a track off his 2002 album ‘Quality’, in a web-only exclusive.

During an interview with Colbert, the rapper offered the host a Talib Kweli hat before talking about what rap and hip hop are, the conscious rapper label he’s been given, what prompted him to write about Mexican immigration concerns, and more. “The problem with the Arizona law is that it basis it on your look and your appearance and profiling,” Talib said. “That’s something that us in the African American community can definitely relate to. I had to do a show in Arizona, and me being a socially conscious artist, I could not go to Arizona and not address the issue.”

Watch the performances and interview below.

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