That DJ Made My Day – Jam Master Jay

Matt Sonzala of the Dallas Observer weighed in on the murder of DJ Jam Master Jay, while he recalled the murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. also. Sonzala said, “The murders of Pac and Biggie were sad, but all-too-believable, perhaps even inevitable… But the death of Jam Master Jay is different. He was never one to pose as a gangsta or to express any sort of negativity. Jay was a mentor to young artists the world over. He taught hundreds of kids the art of scratching at his DJ Academy and helped young artists like Onyx and Rusty Waters to bring their music to the masses. He was a pioneer who never forgot where he came from, and while reaping the benefits of a hugely successful 20-year career in the rap game, he constantly found ways to give back to those who reminded him of himself when he was just getting started.”

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