The Degradation Of Hip-Hop

I thought I’d never see the day that I’d begin to turn a deaf ear to Hip-Hop! Our Mainstream artists have lost the music’s inspiration and purpose to degrade women, sell drugs, murder, pimp, and steal through music. I can’t even listen to 90% of hip hop records being played on the Radio anymore, I have a 9 year old daughter and it’s embarrassing for me as an African American man to listen to what’s being played. Where are the true and genuine hip hop artists, has MTV and BET influenced our youth so much that we as a people have no power on the direction of our music? Maybe I’m getting old, maybe it’s more about the money than the music, I just know at one point in my life I would have defended hip hop until my dying breath. You would look like a complete fool attempting to defend the majority of artists out today. It’s shameful that this music will influence an entire generation of children to aspire for nothing more than a necklace, rims, sex, drugs, and Machismo! I seriously doubt I’ll be a fan of rap music for much longer! I’ll continue to support the Talib’s, Kanye’s, ’s, etc. I’m at a cross roads with music I once loved and I’m not sure how to get that love back!

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