The Diplomats Explain The Troubles With Sampling

The Hilltop recently caught up with Diplomats’ members, Jimmy Jones, and Freeky Zeeky to discuss their major label debut ‘Diplomatic Immunity,’ their ties to Howard University and life as a Harlem Diplomat. The trio talked about the problems involved with getting samples cleared on the album saying, “The problems is that you can pick a beat and do a song and you will think it is all love, but the beat will contain be a piece of a person’s song (the sample) and we have a problem locating the person who owns the rights to that particular song. Sometimes the music is like 10 -20 years old. There were cases when we could not locate certain persons before the album drop date… the people could sue, and there were other songs that were not released to us because the writers simply did not want rappers to rap over their music. They don’t respect hip-hop.”

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