‘The Eminem Show’ Dropping June 4

MTV News spoke with Dr. Dre about ’s new album ‘The Eminem Show’, which MTV.com says will launch March 28 but MTV’s TRL reported today that it will drop a week later, June 4 — that was the word from Interscope. As for whether Slim will be having a new sound on the disc, Dre said, “Well, I do feel he has matured as a lyricist, but I don’t know if [saying he’s] moving in a different direction is accurate,” Dre said. “His stuff is really crazy to me because just when you think, ‘OK, he has run out of stuff to say, he can get no crazier than this,’ something comes out of his face that gives you chills or something. Makes the hair crawl on your skin. So I think the shock value of Eminem is definitely gonna still be there, but it’s just getting better.” Read more.

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