‘The Eminem Show’ Wins Favorite Hip-Hop/R&B Album

’s ‘The Eminem Show’ won the American Music Award last night for Favorite Hip-Hop/R&B Album and accepting the award on his behalf was his co-star from ‘8 Mile’ Mekhi Phifer. Standing with cell-phone in hand, with what he said was Slim on the other end, Mekhi said, “I’m right here at the podium right now. Hey, this is Eminem on the phone y’all. What up? Okay. Yeah, he said he wanted to give a shout out to Dick Clark and all the AMAs. All the people up top making a lot of noise up there. I see you. He wanted me to give shouts out to Harlem. My man Malik. Everybody, all my peoples up town in Harlem, everybody. All right. Great speech, AMA.”

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