The Game Asks: Should I Retire After My Next Album?

is claiming that his third album will be the last installment of his career as a rapper in a recent taping for QD3’s Beef IV. “I think three classic albums are good for me, you know?” The Game said, eventually using the past tense. “I got my point across. I was a prominent figure on the West Coast and a bigger figure in Hip-Hop as a whole. I think I made my impact enough for my name to be said and remembered.” He also credited producer Dr. Dre for helping him achieve his success. “Dr. Dre, working with him and him molding me and and helping place me among Hip-Hop’s elite MC’s is good enough for me,” he said. “Last album. One more to go.” Now the rapper is pointing fans on his Myspace to to vote on whether he should retire. Is he serious or just trying feed traffic to the betting site he’s frequently been linking to. The clip and comments at have since been removed.

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