The Game ‘Better On The Other Side’ Video

is out with a video to his Michael Jackson tribute ‘Better On The Other Side’, featuring Chris Brown, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Boyz II Men, Polow Da Don and Mario Winans. Watch it below.

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2 thoughts on “The Game ‘Better On The Other Side’ Video

  1. Michael Hollins says:

    This video was one of the best tributes to a Legend. It is absolutely wonderful to see brothers realize that society will always put some sort of stereotype on those of us who are gifted to excel. God touched Michael Jackson in a special way. Unfortunately the world never understood it because the gift he had was given for Gods purpose. The world will never be able to understand that. To all my brothers and sisters, realize that this is our mountain above Elvis, The Beatles, John Lennon and all the rest. These aren’t just words. The Beauty of being able to call Michael Jackson the King of Pop is because it is all in black and white. The numbers don’t lie. Rest in piece my friend.

    One love for my brother, “MICHAEL JACKSON!”

  2. Michael Hollins says:

    There were a couple of typos in that last message but I’m sure the point was made. I would like to see a group of millionaires get together and purchase Never Land and make it a memorial to the King of Pop. If they want, all those who feel the same get with me. I’m sure we can raise enough money with all the true fans of Michael to purchase it ourselves. Let me know.

    If any of the Jacksons are reading this, Get in touch with me so we can make provisions to bring the ranch home to Michael’s fans. That’s why he created such a Heavenly place anyway.

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