The Game Disses Jay-Z And Beyonce In Madrid

During ’s live set in Madrid, Spain, the Compton rapper went after , leading the audience in a “fu** Jay-Z” chant during a freestyle that took on the hip hop mogul and his wife Beyonce Knowles.

“This ain’t about B, This ain’t about Destiny, It’s about Madrid and the CPT,” Game rapped. “Look, I said This ain’t about B, This ain’t about Destiny, I’m in Madrid bangin with C-P-T. You got a bad bitch, word, ain’t no p*ssy like hers. Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys, Rockets and the Spurs. I mean, my bitch don’t sling p*ssy like that, My bitch sling p*ssy on a ni**a from the back, back, back.” Watch and listen below.

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18 thoughts on “The Game Disses Jay-Z And Beyonce In Madrid

  1. Juicy says:

    Jay-Z is a legend and the Lame Game needs to learn to respect his elders. To disrespect a man’s wife is so low down and disrespectful. A stunt like this should end his career. I know he’s lost quite a few fans but he should lose all of them. He always picks on women: Mya, Vida Guerra, Beyonce and now Amber Rose! If any of them decided to retaliate they would have a field day on his girl. She looks like somebody’s grandmother, dress like somebody’s grandmother, ugly and old as hell too (while he calling Jay-Z old, she is about Hov’s age).

  2. JASMINE says:

    The Game no I mean “Jayceon Terrell Taylor” you is disrespectful.Why would you disrespect Jay-Z (by the way the best male rapper) and Beyonce (by the way best female r&b artist) that’s lo and it tells something about.That you lame and you don’t respect women.If any woman date or marry you(at which it won’t happen cause you so UGLY) THEY MUST BE STUPID JUST LIKE YOU(AND UGLY JUST LIKE YOU). I hope Jay-Z end yo career and make you look stupid(at which you already do)feel stupid(for trying him and Beyonce)and make you think about what you did (for trying a legend and the best rapper).

  3. Kon says:

    This is just Games attempt to stay relevant, because everyone’s forgotten all about him. Aw… poor thing. His best records were due to 50’s mentoring. After that, he’s garbage. All Game is does is name-drop other rappers in all of his songs, with nothing new or original. Heard it all before… you missed the Gangsta Rap West Coast train. Dude had a butterfly on his face.


  4. PrpSunrize says:

    The Game is right! Jay-Z ain’t all that and neither is Beyonce. BET got punked by Jay-z but he don’t run sh** and he will know soon enough. Sit down Jay-Z your head is getting too big. A memorial is when you lay issues down for a time not show how big and powerful you think you are. You won this round with BET don’t think it will happen again. I would have said Sorry Jay-Z I guess you have to leave then.

  5. B says:

    Game all day Jay Z is too old.

  6. Juicy says:

    1996 Reasonable Doubt
    RIAA Certification: Platinum[3]

    1997 In My Lifetime Vol. 1
    RIAA Certification: Platinum[3]

    1998 Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life
    BPI Certification: Silver[4]
    CRIA Certification: Platinum[5]
    RIAA Certification: 5x Platinum[3]

    1999 Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter CRIA Certification: Gold[5]
    RIAA Certification: 3x Platinum[3]

    2000 The Dynasty: Roc La Familia
    RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum[3]

    2001 The Blueprint
    BPI Certification: Gold[4]
    CRIA Certification: Platinum[6]
    RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum[3]

    2002 The Blueprint²: The Gift & the Curse
    BPI Certification: Gold[4]
    CRIA Certification: 2x Platinum[7]
    RIAA Certification: 3x Platinum[3]

    2003 The Black Album
    BPI Certification: Gold[4]
    CRIA Certification: Platinum[8]
    RIAA Certification: 3x Platinum[3]

    2006 Kingdom Come
    BPI Certification: Silver[4]
    CRIA Certification: Platinum[9]
    RIAA Certification: 2x Platinum

    2007 American Gangster
    RIAA Certification: Platinum

  7. liz... says:

    I agree with Game honestly… Jay Z got swag but his bitch need to go sit down some where and stop acting like she the sh**… because real talk I have no respect for a female who would fix her mouth to say some sh** about real legends… plus she fake as fu** her ass from the suburbs acting like she ghetto… bitch you truly have no fu**ing clue what ghetto really is… and remember how tacky you used to dress and how nobody knew who the fu** you was at the award shows and sh**… now you get with Jay Z and all of a sudden you are hot… just cause you are ass sucking his di** don’t get it twisted I bet you the nigga fu**ing some other bitch he just with you cause you like a little puppet you dumb bitch…!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr. Chronic 2008 says:

    Old ass nigga, man Jay-Z tired ass need to sit down. Hell his time is up yo, and the game is where its at. Game tried to leave his ass alone, but if he Neva opened his mouth at Wimbledon then Game would have kept the respect factor. Hell Beyonce a hoe anyway. Black Wall Street CEO on his sh**.

  9. Jose says:

    Man The Game is the best. Jay Z needs to back down. Who has heard I’m so wavy. Best diss song ever. What does Lil Wayne think of this?

  10. city101 says:

    Game may not have the money Jay Z has and the sad thing is that’s all Jay Z has, can he really rap, nope! Game juiced him and Jay Z only battles small time rappers. you see he quiet on 50 Cent. I don’t agree with game coming so hard but reality check for Jay Z, your money don’t make you the man, I say battle it over the mike, no violence, just flow for flow. my pick would be Game , because like I said, Jay Z only resort would be money, no skill on the mike.

  11. Neak the freak says:

    Fu** Camel Face aka Jay-z… Killa Cali don’t rock Timbos and fur

  12. ANT says:


  13. MC says:

    You guys obviously don’t know anything about Jay’Z music. He can only talks about his money? well sh**.. he can’t be rapping about the same sh** he USED to rap about right? He earned his respect.. the Game hasn’t.

  14. MC says:

    oh ALL OF YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THIS BOOTLEG ASS CLIP. SMALL ASS VENUE! This dumb fu** ain’t selling out Madison Square Garden. LMAO!

  15. ibbstar says:

    Haha fu** Jay-Z, he’s fu**ing sh** anyway

  16. glock 101 says:

    f*ck jay-z fa* ass Kanye, Rihanna devil worshiping click fu** new world order weak as lapdogs look at them always doing signs in they videos

  17. Chappelle says:

    Jay Z is whack a** sh** and he steals everybody else’s verses the dude really has no talent guess what ya girl make more money than you, who the b*tch now you whack a** n*gga. Need to be put in the old folks home wit a walker with the tennis balls on the bottom you lame a** n*gga!!!

  18. nor says:

    Well what the hell J

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