The Game Flies Mya To Toronto Be At His Side

Contributed Anonymously:

Performed in Peterborough, Ontario (which is just outside the City of Toronto) on Tuesday (March 22) at Vibe Nightclub. Security was tight – no camera phones, no video cameras, they even made us take off our shoes! Anyway, as The Game was performing we noticed a light skinned chick with curly hair wearing a beige trench coat video taping and for the longest time we were trying to figure out whether it was Mya.

It was only when I had to leave the club b/c security caught me trying to video tape the 2nd half of the show on my PDA, that I saw her come out of the truck. So I yelled, “Mya Mya can I get a picture?” and homefry was like, “Sorry girl, but I ain even supposed to be here…”

After The Game’s performance, I confirmed with the DJ if it was her and he said yes. Rumor has it is that he flied her to Toronto and spent the whole day (I don’t know which day in particular) in a hotel room.

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