The Game Visits ‘Last Call’

dropped by ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ last night to promote his new film ‘Waist Deep’. They also discussed Carson’s new shoe line, playing in the Rucker basketball tournament last year, getting inspired to rap by Easy-E, having a white friend, his new album ‘The Doctor’s Advocate’ coming out this fall, and more. For a rough transcript, read on.

Carson: Our first guest is one of the best rappers out there. Now he’s
moving on to the big screen in the movie “waist deep.” Where he plays a
character named meat. Charming. Here’s the game.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: That’s what I’m saying.

[ Cheers and applause ] Sit down. Sit down, homeys.

[ Laughter ] The game has done something brilliant and if any of you
are ever on a talk show, bring gifts.

[ Cheers and applause ] This is your shoe. The game — your name’s on
the box.

The Game: I got you the blue ones, man.

Carson: You got the blue ones.

The Game: I kept the grey ones for myself.

Carson: Okay. I’m not going to get in trouble wearing these, am I?

The Game: No, no, no.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: I don’t want to have any trouble. First of all, this is awesome.
This is a hood pass, because I’m rockin’ these —

[ Laughter ] And I’m in, like, the cpt and someone starts to just give
me a little trouble, I’m just like, “hey, bro, the game gave me these shoes
right here.”

The Game: Yeah, but make sure you got the white strings.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: The white strings? I’ll write that down. I gotta get white strings.
What happens if I have, like, the rainbow —

[ Laughter ]

The Game: Don’t wear those. That’s for —

Carson: I know what an entrepreneur you are. You have the movie, the
record and all sorts of things happening. We’re going to get to all that.
And the shoe thing is great. And I, myself, got into the shoe business
a little bit, and I knew you’d have the urban market covered. I got my
own little company going here. I think these are cool.

The Game: Whoa, whoa.

Carson: What do you think?

[ Laughter ] I’m going after the —

[ Cheers and applause ] A little more of the teen, “princess diaries”
kind of market.

The Game: They’re not bad, man.

Carson: Not bad, right?

The Game: They’re kind of like — they look like they’d fit my size

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: Right. Your size barbie. Well, you don’t get shot at all if
you wear this one.

[ Laughter ] At all, at all.

The Game: Those are hot.

Carson: Here, you can have that one.

[ Light laughter ] You sure? Do you want to hold them? They’ll be here.
When we’re done with the interview, make sure and take those.

[ Light laughter ] First of all, I want to talk about basketball. ‘Cause
you’re a great basketball player. And I got a chance to see you. I went
to the rucker tournament last year in harlem. When we were —

The Game: We won.

Carson: Yeah, it was the craziest game. Explain a little bit about people
watching the rucker tournament and how terrifying it must have been for
me to have been there.

[ Light laughter ]

The Game: The rucker basketball tournament has been going on for so
long — probably before I was born. But it’s a tournament held, you know
what I’m saying, in harlem, new york for all the street ballers and guys
that, you know, went through college, but didn’t necessarily go to the
league. And it’s a place where you come and get to showcase your talent
in front of a lot of hood folk.

Carson: That’s right, like me. He’s talking about me.

The Game: And, you know, there’s not enough security police, but, you
know it’s not like —

Carson: Game, honestly, I was terrified to go down there. I wanted to
watch your team, buck wall street, who ends up — the game was crazy. You
played fat joe’s team. It’s an organized league. And the people go crazy.
They’re on top of the court in this game. And this particular game went
double overtime. And you guys won the whole thing.

The Game: We won, man.

Carson: This was the championship game.

[ Cheers and applause ] Do you remember barron’s play, that one play
he had? Barron had, like, well, he plays professional ball. How did he
get in there?

The Game: You know, that’s my son’s godfather, so I told him to come
play or else.

[ Light laughter ] And, you know, he comes and gets down.

Carson: Smart of him to listen to you on that. Barron dunked on everybody,
the whole team and the crowd, and then stole the inbound pass. And then
just did it again. Remember that?

The Game: Yeah, he’s crazy, man. You forgot about my dunk.

Carson: All I remember is that you almost got into a fight.

[ Light laughter ]

The Game: Oh, okay, yeah, yeah. That’s the most memorable part about
my rucker experience.

Carson: Were you nervous at all being from los angeles, I mean, and
being in a concentrated part of an area of new york like that?

The Game: I wasn’t really nervous, man. I just get out there and do
my thing. And one thing that, you know, I always told myself from the beginning
of my career, man, is that I’m never scared of my own people. Whether black,
white or asian or green, yellow, blue. I just get out there and do my thing,
man. Keep my prayers up top —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: ‘Cause I was.

The Game: You wasn’t really that scared.

Carson: I was — I was scared. Not for you, for me. I was there. And
that was — I was on the court giving high fives. And that was the greatest
— a great tournament. How are your skills now? Do you still play basketball?
I play recreational, man. I’m —

Carson: Could you have gone pro?

The Game: I could have went pro. But I got kicked out of college for,
you know, some undisclosed reasons.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, starting a business early with the shoes, they don’t like
that there.

The Game: Yeah, these are limited edition black wall street, you know.

Carson: Oh, I have those.

The Game: Oh, you got those?

Carson: Yeah, I got ’em in blue over here.

[ Light laughter ] Where did you get the name — where did you get the
name “the game”?

The Game: The name “the game” came from my grandmother, man. She —
I used to — I was one of those kids, man, she used to say that I was game
for anything ’cause I, like, blew up cats with, like, firecrackers —

[ Audience aws ] Jumped of the roof —

Carson: Okay, hold on one second, hold on one second. I just need a
place for an edit. And there it was. So, okay.

[ Laughter ] The game, you just were down for anything and that’s —
it wasn’t about rapping and it wasn’t about basketball, it was just about

The Game: I mean, it was about sports, too. I played every sport. Like,
I played basketball, football, baseball. I played the sport when we got
— we put — we nail a clothespin to a 2 x 4 we go get some nails from
home depot put a big strong rubber band on them, like the ones, the lance
armstrong ones, before he did that. And then we pull him back and shoot
them at each other.

Carson: That’s fun, I love that.

[ Laughter ] It’s always a good time. Who was the first rapper that
you heard that changed you? Who, lyrically, did you hear, and that motivated
you to want to do it?

The Game: Eazy-E.

Carson: It was eazy-E.

[ Cheers and applause ] And then when you were — and where are you
from originally?

The Game: I’m from compton.

Carson: You’re from compton. And you’re in compton. You hear eazy-e,
you’re inspired. And then, he’s on your arm, as i noticed here.

The Game: Right.

Carson: That’s creepy.

[ Laughter ] No, not that you have it, just ironic, he’s here. Where
do you go? I mean, did someone sponsor you? Do you go get into a studio?
‘Cause I was listening to the “300 bars and running” is, like, the underground
song that you have. That’s endless.

The Game: It’s classic.

Carson: It’s a classic. That song — how long is that song?

The Game: 15 minutes.

Carson: He doesn’t stop. It’s a rap marathon.

[ Cheers and applause ] You have to go listen to it.

[ Cheers and applause ] It’s 15 minutes of straight, non-stop —

The Game: 15 minutes straight non-stop, never been done, will never
be done again.

Carson: “300 bars and runnin’,” you’ve got to check that out. But, how
did you — did someone help you?

The Game: Yeah, dj skee, it’s my dj, yeah.

Carson: Right, he brought you in and said lay some stuff down and then
that started you. How’d you get your record deal?

The Game: I got my record deal from just, you know, grinding out, me
and skee in the early stages. And he’s white, he’s my friend, though.

Carson: Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

The Game: I’m just letting you know.

Carson: I would hope so.

The Game: I had to get my, you know, “I’m not a racist” plug on the
carson daly show.

Carson: No, hell, no.

The Game: And elton john’s cool.

Carson: And what?

The Game: Elton john’s cool.

Carson: Really?

[ Cheers ] That’s nice, that’s nice. You don’t have a problem with gay

The Game: No.

Carson: Absolutely not, why would you?

[ Laughter ] I have so many questions for the game, this is exactly
how it would be if we were in a bar right now, drinking. The new record
was supposed to come out already. How come it’s not out?

The Game: Because we got pushed back, ’cause I’m still working on it.
And I want to make it, you know, 100%. And, plus, I had to make room for
busta and my buddy ice cube is dropping on “666.” So I didn’t want to get
in the way of —

[ Applause ]

Carson: That’s nice, yeah.

The Game:O I pushed my album back to the fall and when it comes out
everybody except the country singers better run.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: You go after a lot of people on it? Lyrically? I’m not going
to ask you to name names. I don’t want to be a part of the problems.

The Game: I would, if you wanted to, though.

Carson: Okay, well, name a couple of them.

[ Cheers and applause ]

The Game: Hey, hey, everybody loves a little beef —

Carson: No, I like — when I hear, like, hot 97, or power 106 here,
I like the real talk. I wish the djs — this is real talk. And you’re one
of the guys when they come on and start talking about stuff, that you’re
not —

The Game: I don’t hold my tongue.

Carson: You do not hold back.

The Game: So on this album —

Carson: Who’s public enemy number one on this album?

The Game: Spongebob, man. Going straight up.

[ Cheers and applause ] Gotta get ’em, man. And then after him, is “blue’s

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: Yeah, yeah, all right. I hear you. “The doctor’s advocate” is
the name of the record that’s supposed to come out. You said it was coming
out —

The Game: Coming out in the fall. The first single, which is titled
“one blood” drops on the fourth of july.

Carson: “The doctor’s advocate” is that an homage? Or a tribute to dr.

The Game: No, it’s a tribute to dr. Dre, and it’s also — you know,
this album is, you know, pretty much dedicated to the help that he did
with me, you know what I’m saying? The help that he gave me and, you know,
the tutelage and the mentorship from the first album.

Carson: Did you have different producers for different songs? Or is
it one dude?

The Game: No, it’s a plethora of producers.

Carson: Do you have anymore hidden messages on this record? Like you
did on “how we do”?

The Game: I got a bunch of hidden messages.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Play it backwards and we get — some good broadway tunes?

The Game: Yeah, we gonna hold it down, man.

Carson: And you’re in “waist deep” the movie, with tyrese.

The Game: “Waist deep.” “Waist deep.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: How was that? How was the acting for you?

The Game: Man, acting is crazy, man. To make the transition from being
a rapper to acting was hard, man. I mean, they wake up 4:00 A.M. And the
last time I’ve had somebody tell me when to get up, was probably 5th grade.

Carson: Right. And your character’s name is meat, I mentioned at the

The Game: Big meat, to you.

[ Audience ohs ]

Carson: Big meat, yeah sure, absolutely. That’s a line from the movie,
we’re cool.

[ Laughter ] I was thinking — who’s the sorry bastard that has to go
to the game and say “thanks for being in the movie, your character’s name
is meat”? Who had to say that? Did you —

The Game: Man, we — it was vondie curtishall directed the movie, you
know, best known for his work with tupac and tim roth in “gridlock.” And
so we sat down and we read the script and we —

Carson: What does meat do? What is this character?

The Game: Big meat is the villain in the movie, he pretty much chops
off everything, human body part-wise.

Carson: Oh, wow, that bad, huh? Okay, and you — this is awesome you’re
setting up a clip here, like an actor. You want to set this up? Or should
we just show it?

The Game: Just show the clip.

Carson: This is where I think you want —

[ Laughter ] I’m going to show the clip.

[ Laughter ] Here is the game in “waist deep.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Have you seen it on the big screen, yet?

The Game: I haven’t seen anything, man. I haven’t seen anything.

Carson: Oh, you haven’t seen anything? It’s amazing how many — he just
was watching that clip with us for the first time. He hadn’t seen anything

The Game: No, I was into it, man.

Carson: Can you imagine when you go to the premiere and you see yourself
up in that giant screen?

The Game: It’s gonna be crazy, man. Can ya’ll play it again?

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Huh? Yeah, sure. We can do anything you want, game.

[ Light laughter ] We’re out of time, unfortunately, though. Come back.

The Game: Oh, okay.

Carson: The album we’re looking forward to in the fall. And if you want
to come and perform, we’d love to have you. The movie is —

The Game: Why wouldn’t I be?

Carson: Just bring it.

[ Laughter ] And I’ll see you on the basketball court. The game. Thanks
for the shoes.

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