The Lil Folk: Sum Majere

Contributed Anonymously:

SumKid Majere, the bi-coastal emcee/writer/entertainer releases yet another creation that debunks any inkling of thought that ‘Hiphop Is Dead’. ‘The Lil Folk’, is the only proof you need to disprove such foolishness. This album will dust you off and set you on the path to perfect peace, while simultaneously allowing you to entertain multiple debaucherous pleasures. It is the maraschino cherry drenched in your favorite flammable solution. The solution to all that ails you.

SumKid made an album about “The Lil’ Folks” because he’s one of them. Underpaid? We’ll just say his house is devoid of platinum plaques. Touring schedule? He won’t be headlining the Summer Jam next year. He’s an average man who knows that, realistically, his voice doesn’t matter. “Average” in the whole scheme of things, sure, but on record, SumKid’s like Superman. Life moves fast, and yeah, we all watch, but only a handful of emcees, let alone human beings think at such a breakneck speed.

Update: The story at has since been removed.

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