‘The Longest Yard’

hosted the St. Louis premier of his new movie in his hometown on Sunday (May 22). With red carpet and all everyone from Burt Reynolds to Chris Rock and Adam Sandler were on hand to support JesUs4Jackie and 4sho4kids.

The movie is actually really good, even though with all the pro athletes and rappers (even D-12 make an appearance) it takes a minute for a music fan to adjust. The movie follows “Paul Crewe” played by Sandler, who violates his parole and gets sent to prison for 3-5. He meets some crooked gaurds and then “Caretaker” (Rock) who quickly becomes his friend. Oh course there are alot of hiliarious moments between the two, and a moment of sadness. But any American football loving fan will not be disappointed in the football scenes. I predict it will be a summer success.

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