The Message vs. The Messenger

Contributed by AdamBernard:

A lot of times when we hear someone we normally disagree with, or simply don’t like, speaking we have a tendency to only look for the faults in what they have to say. We do this in conversations and even when reading or watching interviews. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we end up missing out on great pieces of information because this. Recently XXL put an interview with up on their website that ended up being linked to in a lot of places because in it DMX claimed he had never heard of Barack Obama. Yes, that makes for a great headline (even if that part of the conversation was strangely buried in the article), but there were a few great points DMX made during the interview that most every missed because they were too busy cracking jokes about his supposed ignorance. This was a classic message vs. messenger situation, because when people don’t like the messenger they usually miss the message. Check out the full story at:

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