The Next Episode Reaching Season One Finale

Contributed by AdamBernard:

A 19 year old devout Muslim from Philly. A man from Atlanta who used to live in his car. A Detroit native who survived a car accident that left him with 144 stitches in his head at the age of nine. A young black woman in NYC. A Compton native who doesn’t smoke, drink, or gangbang. What can these people possibly have in common? Hip-Hop, that’s what.

All five of the people just described were the first five subjects of the Showtime’s docu-drama ‘The Next Episode,’ the season finale for which debuts Friday, December 19th. Jillian Fleer, the show’s Creator and Executive Producer, and Todd1, the show’s Coordinating Producer, recently sat down with and talked about how the show was conceived, how it’s going, the lone roadblock they’ve hit being on Showtime, and the season one finale. Read more.

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