The NYT’s Questionable Hip-Hop Voice

Contributed by AdamBernard:

If you’re going to The New York Times for your Hip-Hop news and opinions it’s pretty much a given that you’re probably not involved in the culture. That being said, it would be nice if the writers they hired to cover Hip-Hop were. For years I’ve had articles by Kelefa Sanneh passed on to me with side notes wondering why he’s writing about Hip-Hop. It seems everyone I know who reads the Times has, at some point in time, sent me an article by this man openly questioning his credentials. Now, I know Sanneh is a Harvard grad (1997), but other than that all I know is his resume, which doesn’t tell me much about him as a person. Resumes are weak when it comes to that kind of information, but since he’s a fellow journalist I can easily go to his articles to find out more about who he is. Unfortunately, it seems as though Sanneh, at least judging by his articles, doesn’t know much about Hip-Hop, but what’s even worse is it seems as though, despite writing for New York’s largest newspaper, he has failed to dig any deeper into New York’s music scene than what the major labels send him. For the full story, visit

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