The Ringtone Revolution

Contributed by AdamBernard:

In Hip-Hop the rings MC’s and producers are looking to sport right now have nothing to do with jewelry. In 2006 it’s all about rings of a different kind as the latest wave to sweep the Hip-Hop world involves music blasting out of one’s phone rather than a set of speakers. Yes, for many artists it’s all about the ringtones. brokeMC of the Mindspray crew jokes that for artists “it’s the new gold chain.” His fellow Mindspray crew member Domer reasons “ringtones are the new radio, or the new mixtape. They’re broadcast in a semi-public, semi-personal way. They’re selected by individuals but heard by many.” While they may be heard by many how valid is the idea that people will be searching for new music with their ringtone in mind? Check out the full story at

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