The Source Of Hat’in

Contributed Anonymously:

How low can a magazine get? I am really disappointed with The Source like every “true” hip hop fan. I couldn’t believe how cruddy a magazine could be. 1st of all. Who’s the person who say’s a person is keepin’ it “gangsta”. When I read about in the mag I could have burned all my past Source mags. It’s was like they tried so hard to put and get dirt on 50. And most of the stuff they were sayin about 50 was already said by himself. He never claimed to have went to jail. “Never did a 3-9 like me.” If they researched like they should have he said himself that he went to a boot camp like training center. Also bout his name. Just like he said before he inherited this street legend’s name. He didn’t claim to have been the real 50 Cent foreal. It was surprising to read all that garbage The Source wrote bout him. Before I leave think about ’s new album title, ‘Blood in My Eyes’ ring a bell. 50 Cent keep doing your thing and hittin the streets with them mixtapes GGGGGG-UUUUUnit

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