The Source Responds To Eminem Vs. Benzino Beef

The Source magazine’s online Editor-In-Chief Gotti put out an editorial on the ongoing beef between and . He writes, “Raymond Scott, aka Benzino, has indeed been a business partner and close friend to The Source co-founder Dave Mays for a long time, and throughout the years, Dave has supported his music. But don’t get it twisted; Benzino and The Source are not interchangeable. The Source has always made it a point to keep Benzino’s music career and the magazine business from interfering with each other. The editorial staff, including the controversial 5-mic committee, has, and always will, operate independently of any outside influences.” He says of Eminem, “Unfortunately, even though he seemed to be down with us in the beginning, it appears that Eminem may be becoming a part of a dangerous, corruptive cycle that promotes the blatant theft of a culture from the community that created it. Willingly or not, he is being used as a tool by the corporate machine to steal hip-hop and make it their own.”

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