The Streets On Walking Out Of Airports

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Monday (December 15). The British hip hop artist tells readers:

Wherever you go in the world, airports are all the same temperature. a dry, air conditioned 23 degrees. Apart from on the first step off the plane. On that first step off the plane into the tunnel, as you cross from the plane’s dry air conditioning into the airport’s dry air conditioning, you walk through a curtain of outside air leaking in the joins.

That curtain of outside air is your first taste of what the place is like. When you’re landing in Sydney in January, that brief brush of natural atmosphere is very hot. When you’re landing in London like I did yesterday, it is very, very cold. Especially in shorts. It is a shock to the system. But not as shocking as if the tunnel fell off the side of the plane just as you stepped on it and you plummeted down to the tarmac. That is what passes my mind each and every time I enter a new country.

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