The Streets Probably Won’t Tour U.S. For New Album

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@thestreets) on Monday (January 5). The British rapper tells readers:

I seem to have written 10 songs over the holiday. It’s got something to do with the book I’m writing in. It is pink and feels nice. It makes me want to write things and rub them out again.

New desk. New sounds. New album. All good. I probably won’t make it to America this time, though, as we can’t afford it. Sorry all Stateside Streets fans. Not financially viable. Would have been nice, but we’ve had some great shows before. I guess that’s the main thing. Doesn’t stop me feeling sad but I’ve been getting paid to tour all over the world for years as a result of those over-priced CD things. It has to come to an end at some point.

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