The Wisdom Of Wahlberg

Contributed by AdamBernard:

The other day I was watching E!, as I am prone to do, and I caught a piece on Mark Wahlberg where they questioned whether or not he’d return to rap. I found it to be an odd subject to ask about being that he’s an incredibly talented actor and his skills as an emcee were always somewhere in the middle of the road. The question, however, brought out a very interesting comment from the former Boston street kid who’s been arrested twenty some times. He noted that during his short-lived rap career he specifically stayed away from the negativity of his past, the fighting, the jail time, etc., saying that he wasn’t going to use it as a way to gain some sort of street cred. He added that going to jail isn’t something anybody should be proud of and if anything his past is a cautionary tale. This, my friends, is truly keeping it real. So why can’t more artists by like the former Marky Mark? For the full story, visit

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