Thoughts On Proof

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Peace, Adam Bernard here. I interviewed a few months ago and just wanted to share my thoughts on the man and how much he meant to the Hip-Hop world.

This is getting out of hand. It seems every time I look up another member of the Hip-Hop community is leaving us far too soon. This year alone we’ve lost J Dilla, Professor X and now Proof. Personally, not taking anything away from the other two talented individuals who passed away, for me Proof is by far the biggest loss. I recently interviewed Proof and became friends with some of his people. Hearing the news that he passed away hit me hard. When Proof called me up for our interview I answered the phone like I normally do, “hello,” and what I heard on the other end of line was an ebullient Proof, “Hey man how’s it goin!”

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