T.I. Gives Props To Jennifer Hudson

and Smokey Robinson chatted with ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Shaun Robinson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles before the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (February 8), where both talked about the comeback of Jennifer Hudson following the murders of her mother, brother and nephew. “Definitely overcame the odds, and through god all things are possible,” T.I. said. “She’s a definite example of that.” Watch the brief interview below.

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5 thoughts on “T.I. Gives Props To Jennifer Hudson

  1. Michelle Tran says:

    GET IT T.I <3

  2. Colinesha says:

    T.I. is th e hottest out EVER! He’s always on yop, and he always says the right thing. I hate to sound like a groupie, but he’s that one! The pastors don’t approve of my admiration for T.I. , but he’s anointed by God!

  3. mr anderson says:

    T.I. keep your head up because you are the best rap in you know that in your team man Young Dro La Mek Mill Man the game is over
    PSC like you say because keep it pimp pimp lol…
    I’m out Mr Anderson from Philadelphia.

  4. Kay G says:

    T.I… wanna see you back on the street… hope you get out soon but hey like you said ‘couple pages out of the calender and I’m out y’all’ yeah that’s the spirit I wanna live with. FOR REAL. I wanna spit lyrics on the beats like you.. and hey.. I like when you laugh in your songs… I wanna get in the music industry.. know what I’m saying.. but I’m still at school.. so if you ever hear of a young rapper from SOUTH AFRICA named Kay G, know that’s your BOY..! I know its hard to get in the music industry but hey ” I’m a G prepared to face and get what’s important to ME no matter the consequences!!! LOVE YOU.. FROM YOUR BOY Kay G!

  5. brittany sophia says:

    T.I. is the Sexiest guy in the world!! I wish he was my man!!!:P I love you T.I.!!

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