Tiffney Cambridge Wears Down Game Into Doing VH1 Reality Series

Rapper Game, seen here on the set of his 'Celebration' music video, talked about his 'Marrying The Game' reality series on VH1 and how fiance Tiffney Cambridge talked him into doing it

Game visited with 92 Q in Baltimore the other day to promote his new VH1 reality series ‘Marrying ’, where the rapper talked about how it compares to other reality shows and how his fiance Tiffney Cambridge talked him into being on the program.

“It’s her reality show. She was like, ‘I’m tired of teaching. I’ve been teaching for 10 plus years and I need to be out there like Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn and do my thing. Would you just take the meeting with the VH1 people?’,” Game explained. “I’m like yo, I’m not a reality show type of dude you know what I mean? Finally she wore me down. Sometimes your woman, she got ways. She bought an outfit and she twerked it a little different way than she did the last week, so she got me down there and they start talking about a million dollars or something like that. Whatever we’re shooting for, a million dollars, I’m with it. So we did it and reality set it so if the wedding was on, then it was off, and the rest of it November 19th the world is gonna be able to watch.”

As for how the show differs from T.I. and Tiny, he said, “You know what, I love T.I. and Tiny’s show. It involves family, it’s a street dude and Tiny, they good. They’re like the good hood couple that made it. LaLa have coy, she’s playing it safe and Melo he’s an NBA superstar, it’s all good. Jim and Chrissy they do their New York thing, they’re doing their thing. We’re in LA, we’re ratchet fabulous. My family, my kid’s crazy man. I’m a little crazy. The only one that’s got sense on the show probably is my grandma and wifey depending on which episode you catch, but even she gets on her character a little bit and she’s all the way Christian, but we’re dealing with infidelity and clubs and chillin and getting a little crazy man, so it’s dope. Ours play out a little bit more like a movie than a reality show.”

Watch the interview via ooyala.com after the cut.

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