Tila Tequila Impregnated By A Very Famous Rapper?

Posts by Tila Tequila to her Twitter followers suggest that the reality star has been impregnated by “a very famous” and “multi-platinum solo rapper”. Among her Tweets tonight:

I just wanted to share to the world my joy cuz I can’t hide that secret for long anyway as my bump starts getting bigger!!!
But since you wanna know THAT BAD who the father of my child is…All I can say is that he is a VERY FAMOUS RAPPER! VERY VERY FAMOUS!
He is just a GOOD friend of mine who was so touched by my story & decided that he would help me get pregnant 4 Casey & I…..Thats why.
That is why he did this for us(Casey & I) but he is JUST a friend, but HE IS MY BABYS DADDY! I Guarantee you have bought his records before!
So there you go. That is all I will tell u since I promised him I wont reveal his name! But he is a VERYYYY FAMOUS RAPPER!!!! SO SEXY TOO!
you are all gonna be SHOCKED to find out…cuz it’s VERY UNEXPECTED as I have always been a secretive girl as far as who my friends are…
Hint 1: He is a multi-platinum solo rapper. Hint 2: He is VERY SEXY Hint 3: he’s gotten into a LOT of beef with people. WHO IS THE DAD?
My baby’s father & I are just more concerned about our baby. I will NEVER EXPLOIT my baby! The father is more concerned about baby as well
He’s been so good to me though. Cuz he’s been there for me ever since My Wife passed away & Takes care of me when I’m sick…
He’s so sweet cuz hes taking me shopping tomorrow to buy some baby stuff for our baby!!! Awww Im just in love with him now! xox
I just don’t want the world to know who my baby’s daddy is cuz it’s going to shock everyone. Its something u never would put 2 & 2 together!
Ohhhhh someone here guessed it right!!!!!!!!!! But my lips are sealed!!!!!!!!! U would NEVER think such a gangster rapper wud be so sweet!

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  1. Yeah says:

    It’s THE GAME lol

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