Transcript Of 50 Cent On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to promote his new album ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ which dropped on the non traditional release day. Check out a rough transcript by reading on.

TRL: Basically, what can you say without further a let’s just do it,
bring him out 50 cent is in the building!


TRL: 50!

TRL: Baby.

50 Cent: Yeah.

TRL: How you feelin’?


TRL: Feelin’ good. Today is your day without a doubt. The album “get
rich or die tryin'” is in stores right now.

50 Cent: Right now.

TRL: Right now.

50 Cent: Not now but right now.

50 Cent: I’m really excited man.

TRL: I know, 50 let me ask you do you feel like a lot of pressure to
live up to all hypeouo y feel any preure with the album comin’ out today
just to do it?

50 Cent: Not really with the hype my [Inaudible] Is the fit in with
my group down with eminem and dr. Dre, you heard me.

TRL: Ai’ight.

TRL: Speaking of them on the cover of double x-l, “rolling stone” a
lot of press talks about your hardships to get to this point. What is the
hardest thing you have had to deal with so far?

50 Cent: Bein’ dropped.

TRL: Being dropped.

TRL: From his label

50 Cent: Kinda like I’m from the bottom so it’s like when i get an opportunity
to make music, i kinda go that’s what I’ma do just make music and then
when they tell me that i don’t have that situation anymore, it’s kinda
hard for me to figure out what I’ma do or anything like i made my mind
up when i decided to do music that that’s whatas gon doo when i didn’t
have that, was like ….

TRL: How do you feel now you are gonna sell a whole lot of records.

50 Cent: Columbia records is sick right now.

TRL: 50 our phones and bleachers are cramed with 50 cent fans who want
to ask you questions. We’ll give him a shout after reqp a spot to no. 4
justin timberlake “cry me a river”


No. Justin mberla “cry me a river”. It was no. 5 yesterday. 50 cent
is in the bldg!

TRL: Wha’ssup.

50 Cent: Yes.


TRL: On the phone weave 5 fan that hilarie found tia from florida on
the phone what is your question for 50.

Phoner: H w you doin’ I just want to say congratulations to 50 cent
for his album comin’ out today.

50 Cent: Thank you.

Phoner: And m question is, 50 ct do you have any valentine’s plans comin’
up and, if not, can i be your valentine?

50 Cent: Ohhh.

TRL: Van tines. Do you have any plans.

50 Cent: Ahhh. All right. You can be my valentine.

Phoner: thank you I love you.

TRL: The softer side.

50 Cent: What’sual —

50 Cent: Like no, me, me, me

50 Cent: She said it was her birthday go shorty it’s yourirday weonar
like it’ your birthday we gonna sip bacardi like it’s your birthday


oeou start that chant it doesn’tto thkou tia from florida. Q.With another
fan what’s

TRL: Ith kadisha, a big fan has a question for Y.

Fan: 50, i know t you know, I’m a very big fan and i know th your grandparents
still live in queen are you planin’ to buy them a house on the hill.

50 Cent: I just bought my grandmher a n car don’ work no more ’cause
i sa son work no more. I’m trying to get them to move. They’ve been livin’
there, thhey gotho fo tir eir life that ho ty put toghe and she’s attached
to it. I’m trying to get her to like something better so I’ma move her
to something else, you know.

TRL: No doubt.More with 50 after this request se spot a shakira


TRL: No. 3 shakira “the one”. It was no. 3, too. You have a lot of respect
from the hip-hop community right now isil be sh a huge album for you. What
is it like being on the countdown contendsing with christina aguilera and
bands like good charlotte how does that make you feel being in the mix
like that.

50 Cent: It makes me feel real good. If you think — if you ask them
was i expectin’ to be in competition with them.

TRL: Yeah, sure, go ahead.

50 Cent: Yes, i was expecting to be in competition with them.

TRL: Get right to it. I want to make a moment and shout out g unit.
Ha-ha now, 50 you know there’s always gonna be a lot of critic wn someone
blowin’ dn’ their thi. What wou you say to people saying the only reason
50 is doin’ it because he is down with em and dre and that’s the only reason
before that it wasn’t nothin’ what do you say to those critics?

50 Cent: I say i a lot of groundwork for the situation to take place
like on the mix tape circuit.

TRL:  Definitely.

50 Cent: If you actually eminemnd dr. Dre is resnslef a lot of my success
I’ma say, hell, yeah! Ha-ha. Don’t be mad. It’s okay you can be mad you
if wanna be mad it’s all right shady can be mad don’t be mad you did the
wrong deal. It’s goin’ down, ha-ha.

TRL: Our final break but 50 will share the suspense with us and watch
to see if his video made no. 1 in america. Don’t move!


TRL:  Ayo. Welcome back to trl. We are all here with the million
dollar man 50 cent and we are seconds away from findin’ out if his video
topped them all in the countdown today.

TRL: Check it out. Yesterday jackie chan and owen wilson stopped by
and jackie had a question just for you check it out over here

Chan: Why your name called 50 cent where’s the “s”.

TRL: Okay, 50, here is the dl that’s called pass the mic. Basically
jackie still workin’ on english and wants to know why your name is 50 cent
where did you come up with that for.

50 Cent: It’s a metaphor for change.

TRL: Okay.

TRL: all right. 50th week by the way you broke a big trl record hitting
no. 1 faster than any other debut artist this is absolutely.

50 Cent: You heard this right there, that’s big. That’s big.

TRL: What’s even bigger you are no. 1 again today.

50 Cent: That’s right.

TRL: No. 2 is good charlotte “the anthem”.


TRL: That right there was your no. 2 veo from good charlotte “the anthem”
no. 1 yesterday.

TRL: Before we show 50’s video at no. 1 a huge day on mtv startidayebruary

TRL:  Definitely. Now 50 eminem said he will only sign people to
his label that can battle him and do well. What was the battle like between
you and em I’m curious like “8 mile” goin’ back and forth.

50 Cent: Yeah it [Inaudible] He cheated, too. He made me go first. You
go behind — but he’s gonna beat anybody he go behindigight now but if
i go behind him, i get him. I get him.

TRL: A little confident.

50 Cent: Yeah.

TRL: In the video “in the club” no. 1 today you are workin’ out a whole
hell of a lot how do you keep in shape on the road.

50 Cent: I don’t even go when I’m on the road.

TRL: It just happened?

50 Cent: When I got shot up hi to go back to the — i was in the gym
’cause i —


50 Cent: Therapy then from there i just, i started doin’ a bit of this.

TRL: This is a bit of a work-out, too wearin’ that around your neck
right definitely. Very cool. Let’s get into your video here this is unbelievable
new album “get rich or die tryin'” in stores now. I urge you to go buy
a copy. 50 do the honors and introduce your no. 1 video on trl it’s all

50 Cent: This is my joint off of “get rich or die tryin'” prouszed by
dr. Dre “in the club” it’s goin’ down.


TRL: That’s the true mc always ready to circle an impromptu perforncnce
50 cent “in the club” back on top. Everyone is gettin’ copies of his new
album I’m sure most americans will soon.

50 Cent: Yeah!

TRL: Yes. Definitely. We got to thank mya for stoppin’ by and 50 cent
the whole g unit definitely.

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