Trigger The Soldier’s Soulja Boy Diss ‘It’s Enough’ Audio

is continuing to take incoming fire, this time from Oranjestad, Aruba artist Trigger The Soldier. The rapper had wrote on his MySpace back in October: “I ain’t hatin, I just can’t understand why hip hop turned 2 around like this. I want 2 hear from yall, what the fu** is good about that Soulja Boy – ‘Crank Dat’ song… give me a reason… REPOST THIS… I wanna know.” The ‘It’s Enough’ track features the lines: “Soulja Boy change the name and drop the fu**ing act. You ain’t no gangsta pimp, no playa man what’s up with that? Acting all rough but you ain’t ready for combat, done read that contract is rap skills you lack. Yo, give up the mic, I’ve had enough, I’m fed up, what you need to be doin is giving people extra ketchup, at Burger King, flipping burgers and makin onion rings.” Listen to ‘It’s Enough’ below.

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