Trina Got With Kobe Bryant While He Was Married?

Wendy Williams got news that admitted to sleeping with Kobe Bryant while the Lakers star was married to Vanessa. “She’s sweet as all get-out, but this behavior right here is not becoming of a 30-something year old washed up rapper from the MIA,” Williams said on her WBLS radio show. “Please honey, it is not cute anymore. It really isn’t.”

Trina’s camp responded to the rumors, telling that her 2004 song ‘Heated’, which Trina rapped about being the first woman Kobe cheated on his wife with, was for “entertainment purposes only”.

Listen to the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Trina Got With Kobe Bryant While He Was Married?

  1. Jaakkola says:

    I hope she did sleep with him and if she did that’s her and Kobe business. Go head TRINA that’s my girl!

  2. lishe says:

    Why did Trina brag…. I don’t think she turned him out and she suppose to have all the moves that’s whats she’s always rapping about… Girl you slept with him didn’t impress him so shut up and keep it moving…

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