Trina In Twitter War With Sandra Rose


lashed out at Sandra Rose on her Twitter account (@TRINArockstarr) this evening, apparently over a post on, where some snide remarks were made about Trina filming her ‘Red Bottoms’ music video. Sandra wondered how Trina’s people would claim she’s ballin’ since she hasn’t had a hit since the late 1970s. Trina writes:

Why you mad.. #trust if I am it would NEVER be with you #sitthefu**down @SandraRose: But isn’t @Trinarockstarr a lesbian, @lala?

@SandraRose Fu** you and your whack ass blogs!! You can start because bitch I will finish!

@SandraRose Why are you even blogging about me! I don’t give a fu** about your lame ass blog! You disgusting ass ugly fucking peasant!!!!

Sandra Tweeted (@SandraRose) in response:

Hey @Trinarockstarr, at this point @Beyonce’s folding baby bump is more relevant than you are! You’re a non muthafu**in factor trick!

@Trinarockstarr are you still chasing after married men because you’re not woman enough to keep a man of your own?

@TRINArockstarr Yet your publicist BEGGED me to feature your music video pics on my blog last week, right?

@TRINArockstarr You’re just mad because I told him you haven’t had a hit since the late 1970s. Remind me again: when was your last hit?

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One thought on “Trina In Twitter War With Sandra Rose

  1. Jay says:

    To be honest, im young and this even sounds childish. I <3 my girl Trina but this makes me think of a 15 year old. You can tell she black though because this is exactly house a black woman or young lady "like myself" would have handled this situation………….

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